Everything You Need To Know About Adding Roses To Your Recipes


Roses; beautiful, gracious, and an ultimate gift for someone you love. But what about eating roses? To your surprise, roses have been an integral part of dishes in many cultures. Not only do they look good, but they taste amazing too. There are many ways to incorporate rose petals. With its elegant colors and of course the medicinal benefits, you can pull off an entirely new dish that will become delicious, colorful, and healthy.

How To Incorporate Different Types Of Roses In Your Dish?

There are a variety of roses available. How do you pick the right rose for a certain recipe? Like any other vegetable or fruit, it too has a variety of flavors and colors available which helps you identify the right rose for your dish. Remember to use only the rose petals. In the end, it all comes down to how good you are at imagining things for surprising your family with amazing recipes.

Rose Selection… The Most Important Part Of Any Rose Dish

If you are wondering how do they taste, it’s like green apple and strawberries. You can use them for their flavor or fragrance. If you like Iranian sweets, you must be acquainted with the fact that they incorporate rose water in a lot of them, how about using the rose petals? Interesting idea to get you started.


Image Source: saffronandmore.com.au

Damask roses are often seen being a part of a high-end restaurant sweet dish. They have a very strong floral fragrance and they are uses for rose scent and rose water. Other than that, you can get experimental with Rosa Rugosa and the type of roses called “the generous gardener”, perfect for any sweet dish you wish to cook.

Last, the color. You know how anything colorful can add the needed pop in your dish, red is your color. Red is a very strong color, and not easily found in the eatables. However, you might have to compromise a little as they don’t usually have a strong fragrance. But here is a hack, add some rose water and you are good to go ahead.

Cleaning Of The Roses, Most Important Part

You can pick the roses from your garden and the best time to do that is mid-morning because the morning dew starts to get disappear and the sunlight is not that intense. Remember to use only the rose petals, and cutting off the white part on the petals too. As they are a bit bitter and can ruin your all attempts to pull off a great dish. Wash them and towel dry, and you are all set to go.

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