Types of Coffee You Should Know

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It’s tough to announce how many types of coffee are in this world. Basically, you can find different types of beans and processes, but you couldn’t end up counting all variants. So, here is an article to give you an idea of almost twelve types of them.

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Black Coffee

You know what the black coffee means. This is the common sort of coffee which can be brewed up without any mixture of milk, honey or cream. But, it still makes a difference in the taste or flavor and basically you can brew it in different ways. We have literally found a couple of ways to brew the coffee directly from the grounds and meet here multiple ways.


Making espresso literally needs a different type of tool which is very different from a drip coffee maker and other machines. Basically the steam pressurizes through the grounds and provides the flavor you need. It also can be the base of latte or other conventional creamy coffee. Sometimes you can use a moka pot or directly use the semi-automatic or automatic espresso machine to make this.


Making it literally something like a conventional espresso. It would be darker or bolder than normal espresso because of having the half amount of water for the same amount of grounds. So it would be different in taste which would be bolder with having high caffeine.


Brewing Americano isn’t also a difficult task, you just need a shot of espresso and hot water. So, at first simply brew the espresso by conventional espresso machine with following all requirements. After brewing simply adjust hot water to reduce the intensity of very bold flavor.

Long Black

The long black would be bolder and more flavored than Americano. Because there you need to mix up two shots of espresso or ristretto while a small amount of water needs to finish up the process.

Pour Over Coffee

The process is quite simple if you have the dripper and specific pour over coffee filter. Just set out the filter over the dripper and put the grounds into the filter. You also need the boiled hot water to ultimately get the flavor in the cup. But pour the hot water into the grounds slowly to get better result.

Drip Coffee

This is what you can prepare by a conventional or your home based drip coffee maker. Mostly the drip coffee provides stronger flavor and the process is slower. The boiled water simply drips into the ground coffee and the results come into the pot. There is no steam pressure like the espresso, so you will have to wait for the result.

Aeropress Coffee

You literally need an aeropress device to get the taste of it. You can simply purchase such a device from Amazon. Basically a plunger presses through the tube while it forces the preloaded hot water to move through the grounds and filter. Though you need to keep the coffee soaked for a minute before pressing the plunger.

Immersion Coffee

If you know the french press coffee, you should know how it works. So, you need a specific jar which brews the french press. Simply pour the boiled water into the jar and use the plunger that comes with the filter to keep the sediments out of coffee. So, you should keep the grounds soaked for a couple of minutes to let them start brewing and after a couple of minutes you should keep pushing up and down the plunger for your expected result.

Milk Based Coffee

Adding milk to the coffee makes the taste different and sometimes the baristas also add the milk to decorate the coffee. It contains less acidity and caffeine. So, here you can meet a couple of milk based coffee.

Flat White

The flat white isn’t so dependable on the milk and the baristas just add the steamed milk into the espresso for a little variation. Though, you would still get the taste of conventional espresso because of the less appearance of steamed milk. Basically the milk just works as a supporting flavor and that’s why there isn’t much variation.


Cappuccino is different from flat white and the mix up is also different. In this case you would need foamed and steamed milk with the espresso. You should keep a balance in the mix up and you would need ⅓ espresso, ⅓ steamed milk and ⅓ foamed milk. Though there are also various ways to prepare different types of cappuccino.


The latte won’t hold the stronger taste of espresso as it requires a lot of milk. Though there are different types of lattes like iced latte, cafe latte and latte macchiato. So a different process is required to brew different types of latte.


The macchiato is one of the stronger shots among milk based coffees. Though sometimes the process of making latte varies with the origins and initially it was Italy based. But conventionally, it won’t be brewed with huge milk.




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