Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Nespresso Capsule

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If you are a coffee lover, then you might be in a constant lookout for the best coffee there is. If you are going to search around, you will notice that there are tons of coffee products and brands to choose from, which makes choosing really a daunting task. Nespresso is one of the most preferred coffee products today. If you are searching for the best Nespresso capsules guide, then you have come to the right place.

Below are some of the important things you should know about Nespresso:

Nespresso is a trusted coffee brand and it initially released a total of 16 types of coffee capsules, which you can use in your home coffee machines. Differentiating between 16 types can be daunting and to narrow down your choice, they are grouped into four different types:

  1. Pure Origine capsules – These are espresso-based capsules but are of a specialist variety.
  2. Espresso capsules – They are the traditional coffee flavor that everyone enjoys. They are a shorter coffee available in various strengths.
  3. Lungo capsules – They are longer coffees which should be used twice the amount of water when compared to that of the espresso. They are also referred to as a tall coffee.
  4. Decaffeinato capsules – They are Nespresso’s specialist capsules. Currently, there are three varieties of varying intensity of taste.

So the next time you buy a Nespresso capsule, make sure you categorized them according to the four types mentioned above. That way, you can narrow down your choice and be able to choose the one that suits your taste and preference. Always keep in mind that not all coffees are the same. If you are a true coffee lover, you will not have a hard time distinguishing them according to their taste, strength, and intensity.

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