Country Music’s Very Own Saucy Cook, Josh McSwain


Everyone knows one of country music’s top groups Parmalee, who have just hit #1 on the music charts worldwide with their latest single Just The Way. But what some may not realize is that within the group of four is a saucy cook who is just as good in the kitchen as he is on the guitar & keys!

We got into the kitchen with Parmalee’s Josh McSwain:

  1. What’s your go-to meal to cook at home for the wife and yourself?

Grilled salmon is pretty much a staple at home. We have it at least 3 nights a week. Making it tonight actually with grilled artichokes and broccoli.

  1. It’s all about the sauce with dishes… What types of sauce are your favorite for certain foods?

One of my favorite sauces to make lately has been a green onion, garlic teriyaki sauce. My wife loves it on chicken bites with crushed peanuts, but it’s also really good on shrimp.

  1. Do you ever make your own homemade sauces? If so, tell us the recipe!

I try to make all my own sauces. I recently made some spaghetti sauce from scratch using only veggies that I grew myself. It was really good. Blanching and peeling the tomatoes was a little time consuming but well worth it.

  1. When out touring, what types of food do you and the band usually eat?

When we’re touring you definitely try and get whatever the local specialty is. Even if it’s something that seems weird or something you don’t usually like, there’s a reason it’s the local favorite.

  1. What’s the best festival food you have had?

It’s tough to pick a favorite festival food. It’s all so good and terrible for you. I love the fried bologna sandwiches, corn dogs and all that stuff, but there was something called a bacon bomb at one of the festivals that really stood out. It was like a bacon wrapped bbq meatloaf on a bun. So good!

  1. Has food ever inspired any of your music?

I think so. Maybe not directly. I mean, the song might not reference a food, but plenty of songs have been written on the back porch with the grill going and everyone eating while writing.

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