Summer Holiday Moments That Call For Pizza Delivery


Us Aussies love a good pizza at any time of the year. It is the most popular meal by far that brings all generations to the table. Pizza is such a crowd pleaser because it’s fresh, crispy, and the topping variations are so individual they turn every bite into a personal cheesy treat.

Pizza never fails to make you happy; furthermore, the coveted meal is endlessly adaptable. If you’re a meat lover load up the base with plenty of cooked meats. Pizza for vegetarians? Go big on the garden veggies and sliced up creamy camembert cheese. And yes, there are all kinds of gourmet topping combinations out there…

How about spicy lamb, baby spinach, and feta cheese, topped with greek yogurt and lemon? Or one of my personal summer favorites is chicken avocado: roast chicken breast, baby spinach, Spanish onion, pineapple and cherry tomatoes topped with avocado.

The exceptional nature of pizza is also that it pairs incredibly well with some full-bodied red wine and a fresh leafy salad, making it the perfect food to while away those long summer evenings.

With summer holidays just around the corner, sometimes the idea of cooking up a meal yourself or going out to pick up food is just too much. So why not grab your phone or open up your app and ask your favourite pizza store in Lilydale for a cheeky delivery? If you do so, it’s probably due to one of these reasons:

Easy beach days

Create childhood memories and take the whole family to the beach first day of summer holiday. When you come home all tanned and tired, there is nothing more convenient than to pick up the phone and place your order at your favorite pizza store. Knowing pizza is already on its way can be incredibly soothing after such a long day and you leaves you with time enough to wash away that last grain of sand between your child’s toes.

Join the pool party

Are you hanging out at the pool with all your besties? If you have friends over and don’t want to miss out on the fun by slaving over a stove or prepping the bbq all afternoon, ordering pizza is always a great idea. Everyone likes pizza, and there are always options for vegetarians too. If you’re feeling like an extra treat you might even ask for some garlic bread, wedges, or beer battered onion rings as a side. There’s really no better way to spend a summer afternoon or evening than sharing a meal with friends, and best of all, there’s no cleanup.

Make summer less busy

Between coming home from the festival, ordering the pavlova for Christmas dinner, planning the big new year’s party, putting dry clothes on the kids after the backyard sprinkler party and calling your friend back, it can sometimes be hard to fix an evening meal. Summer holidays can be pretty hectic at times, and that’s why busy people all over the country choose to have the occasional pizza delivered.

Over the taste of Christmas

Imagine you’ve stuffed yourself endlessly on ham and mince pies and the convivial festive season left you happy but exhausted flattened out in your deckchair. Maybe your taste buds need a little adjustment after all those holiday spices, so isn’t it a relief being able to call up your preferred pizza store and have delicious, piping hot pizza brought right to your doorstep?

Revel the day after

You know the day after the new year’s party, don’t you? The one with a headache where you can’t be bothered even getting dressed, nor leave the comfort of your air-conditioned home and end up watching endless episodes of your favorite show on your couch. You know there is no way that you’ll be able to get up and cook yourself, and all the shops are closed anyway. So why not simply make a single call, or order online instead if you don’t even feel like talking, and have your favorite pizza delivered? Maybe even go half and half of your topping to satisfy all of your hangover cravings.

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