Experience The E & J Art Of Cooking And Catering


For us, the whole act of cooking is a form of creation and catering is an art of presenting this creation. Specialising in multiple forms of cooking we love to customize this form of art to accommodate the requests of our clients. Thus organic recipes are made with as much perfection as are vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. Ingredients used have to be necessary for the best quality since compromising on either the taste or the final look of the dish prepared is not acceptable for us.

We also provide catering personal private chef in addition to bartenders, waiters etc., on the request of our clients. Needless to say even the catering personnel we supply have to pass through a rigorous training program so that they become better than the best. We generally employ certified chefs with a flair for experimenting with new tastes and ingredients. This helps us overcome the boredom of providing our customers with a routine menu. They can, thus, have a pick from the choicest of dishes which have been experimented with and practiced till perfection in every sense is achieved.

The decoration forms the perfect backdrop for parties and we have also diversified in that. We bring to the parties that we decorate the same form of perfection that we bring to our catering services. Thus for us, every party is a new canvas which we paint based on the requirements of our clients. Our creative team is well trained to understand the basic need of our clients and then develop unique and original ideas based on it. This final draft is then given to the client for approval and any changes further required are incorporated before the final blueprint is prepared and the decorations to the party venue done accordingly.

We do not only cater exclusively to parties and also have a system wherein we are able to deliver good food cooked to perfection by our catering personal private chef, to homes and establishments. This helps us to cater to diversified people which in turn gives us personal satisfaction and also quenches our creative thirst.