Learn about the dishes in traditional Tet days of Vietnam and East Asia


There are only a few months left until the new year is approaching. Tet food is thriving! The more the Tet holiday is, the more expensive this Tet food is. But the higher the price, the greater the quantity purchased, even the situation of burning goods is getting stronger.

According to the understanding of the 2019 Tet shopping market, people are planning to buy Tet food right now. People also contact clean food stores to order in advance. Tet armour, everything is expensive, anything is hard to buy, bargaining is not like bargaining

Clean food for Tet has many interesting items: dry food, domestic fruit or imported fruit products, clean vegetable specialties in the region

Today, I will lead you to the culinary paradise with many items that are being sought by many people. No matter how high the price is, the amount of purchase is more crowded than usual.

Dried foods

Tet meals often take place a lot. Hotpot parties, grills, drinking parties take place all day. Therefore, the amount of dry food is much concerned by the housewives. Items purchased are as much as:

  • Burma
  • Fungus
  • Spices: fish sauce, main noodles, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt,…
  • Types of beans: green beans, black beans, white, red

Tet fruit

Referring to this Tet fruit object, there is even more panic among the people. Incense fruit, fruit as gifts for Tet, Tet fruit … It is more popular than ever. People have to admit that the more they sell Tet, the more often they sell 5 – 10 times the price of a daily sale. Therefore, if you are a smart consumer, you should order now. At that time, when you come back to Tet, you will receive many kinds of beautiful designs, but the price of orders is usually not as dazzling as the normal days.

There are many items of plaited fruits. Tet food promises to have fierce competition on selling prices. But no matter how high the price is, the number of repurchase increases and burns.

  • Green skin grapefruit, pomelos with five whips, grapefruit,…
  • Incense green banana
  • Buddha fruit, kumquat, figs,…
  • Other fruits: pears, oranges, kiwi, imported apples, imported grapes

Fresh vegetable market

To cope with fatty foods, eating clean vegetables is the most effective countermeasure. Moreover, the amount of vegetables provided to the body during the Tet holidays is extremely necessary and important for the body. Hotpot vegetables, raw vegetables are quite attractive for each Tet holiday.

There are many extremely good clean vegetables, which are sought by people:

  • Cauliflower vegetables: broccoli, white broccoli
  • Types of potatoes: potatoes, sweet potatoes, honey potatoes,…
  • Vegetables: radish, kohlrabi,
  • Spinach, rocket vegetable
  • Lettuce vegetables to eat rolls, hot pot

Promising Tet food market will make people love scouring crazy. Even the phenomenon of burning is getting higher and higher, even when the price is exorbitant but there is no source to buy.

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