4 Best Firewood Delivery Services of 2022


Looking to buy firewood to keep your home warm or maybe roast some marshmallows?

In 2022, you can buy firewood online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Although there are some great options, you really want to be sure you buy the right type of wood for the occasion and consider how the firewood is treated prior to getting to your home.

For example, if the firewood has moisture – it won’t burn very well. The best firewood is typically dried seasonally or dried in a kiln.

The difference?

Seasoned firewood is dried outdoors and can take as long as a year to get all the moisture out. It will also need to be treated for bugs, mold, and other funguses too.

With kiln-dried firewood, however; the drying process is much faster (since the firewood is heated in a large kiln oven) and funguses, bugs, and mold die in the process.

So when you have the option, definitely go with the Kiln Dried option.

In this article, we will review 5 of the best places to find firewood that can get delivered to your home and discuss which options are better than others.

Let’s get started:

Cutting Edge Firewood

Offering only the highest quality of firewood on the market, Cutting Edge Firewood has earned respect from some of the world’s most respected chefs for the quality of their firewood for cooking and smoking chunks.

Based out of Georgia, Cutting Edge Firewood offers free delivery services in {areas of coverage} with concierge stacking and delivery to any doorstep around the United States.

What makes their firewood so great?

They specialize in “kiln dried firewood,” which has been completely dried of moisture, removed of bugs and funguses, and more. Their firewood tends to be easy to light, long-burning, and less smokey than ordinary firewood.

If you’re looking for the highest quality firewood, Cutting Edge Firewood is the place to get it.

Home Depot

If you’re looking for something quick, Home Depot may be a good option.

With stores located throughout the U.S., it may be easy to stop by and just pick up some firewood.

The downside?

It’s really difficult to find kiln-dried firewood that’s comparable to Cutting Edge.


Firewood.com serves as the online storage for Paul’s Fireplace Wood, a family-run business with more than 30 years of experience with firewood.

The company offers delivery locally and regionally.

Firewood.com also ships its wood to commercial and residential clients throughout the United States.

Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company is one of the oldest retail franchises of its kind. Launched in 1938, it now operates in more than 1,800 locations around the country, offering fire tools, including wood-burning stoves and a wide variety of fire pits.

Different locations source and treat their firewood in various ways, so be sure to contact your local Tractor Supply to ask about any chemicals or that may interfere with using the wood for cooking or indoor fires.

Instacart, Shipt, and Other Grocery Delivery Services

Firewood doesn’t just come from specialty suppliers or home improvement stores. Many grocery stores carry the stuff, and with online food shopping on the rise, having a bundle delivered is just a swipe away.

The downside?

It would be really difficult to find kiln-dried firewood as most stores do not carry it.

Concluding Thoughts

Buying the right type of firewood for the occasion is important to set the mood appropriately and achieve the perfect flavor for your meal.

As mentioned, kiln-dried firewood will provide the best experience all around and there isn’t a better place than Cutting Edge Firewood.

Check them out here.