5 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Coffee is an important part of most people’s day. However, some others choose to go with tea. Choosing coffee to kickstart your day is one of the great choices to begin the day with, however, several people are not aware of the health benefits of their daily cup of coffee. Be it a quick office coffee from the coffee machine or from the office coffee service company, here are the top five health benefits of taking coffee.

1. Coffee is good for your liver

Four cups of coffee a day has been reported to have diverse medical advantages one of which is its incredible impact on the liver. According to medical research, four cups of your office coffee brew can help to reduce your chances of developing liver cancer and cirrhosis. Coffee consumption has been reported to reduce the number of liver enzymes which can damage the liver resulting in inflammation.

2. Coffee is a good source of antioxidants

Your cup of coffee is a packed full of antioxidants. Compared to consuming tea and cocoa, a cup of coffee is packed with a total of over one thousand antioxidants which are essential and helpful for your body. You ask why antioxidants are important for you? They help in waging war against a possible incidence of inflammation therefore helpful for individuals with medical conditions such as arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

3. Coffee consumption reduces the risk of diabetes

Several types of research have been conducted to prove the importance of coffee consumption. Medical studies have thus linked coffee consumption and a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Further studies have since suggested that persons who are in the class of heavy coffee drinkers, consuming more than five cups of the beverage daily stand a 50 percent chance of not developing diabetes. This is so because coffee consumption helps the body to better utilize insulin in the body and also protects the cells of the body responsible for insulin production, therefore, playing an important role in the regulation of body sugar.

4. Coffee is Good for the brain and memory

Coffee consumption has been reported to be good for the brain. Drinking coffee on a regular basis has been proven to better improve cognitive function. Additionally, coffee consumption has been implicated to boost short-term memory, therefore, allowing you greater periods of concentration. A current research is, however, ongoing on the relationship between coffee consumption and possible immunity against an incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. A number of high-end businesses and industries now offer an office coffee service so that their employees can enjoy caffeinated beverages and improve their productivity without spending time waiting in line for coffee.

5. Coffee is Good for the heart

Drinking coffee is good for the general health as it has been implicated advantageously in the functioning of the brain, liver, and heart. A recent scientific study conducted into coffee consumption revealed that persons who consumed coffee moderately had a 20 percent reduction in the incidence and predisposal to an incidence of cardiac disease and other related conditions. Coffee consumption protects the heart muscles from inflammation through the anti-inflammatory quality of the coffee. Additionally, coffee consumption reduces the risk of other medical conditions such as high blood pressure or hypertension and thrombosis.