A Complete Guide to Induction Heater and Rice Cooker System


Nowadays, one of the most commonly used systems i.e., induction heater and rice cooker system are available in almost every kitchen. These systems are used in daily use because of the comforts, easy to use, something whose performance in extremely good and one which saves our precious time. So as to achieve convenience in the kitchen, induction heater and rice cooker systems are used.The technology used by these cookers is known as induction heating.

How induction heater and rice cooker system works?

The current passes through the coils, which are composed of the copper metal. During the movement of current through these copper coils, a creation of magnetic field occurs. Then the pan is inserted into this magnetic field. The electric current gets produced due to the induction of pan into the magnetic field which leads to the generation of heat. The produced heat leads to the cooking of rice.

Why are induction heating systems better?

  • In induction heating, instead of the bottom of the pan, the whole pan gets heated up.
  • Cookers are also available in the triple heating systems.
  • Rice gets cooked at the desired time and one can totally rely on these systems.
  • These systems are time-saving and are the best choice for the office going people and working women especially due to its time-saving quality.

Key features of the induction heating and rice cooker systems?

  • One can prepare all kinds of rice.
  • Mostly available in the stainless steel.
  • Helps to maintain your food or rice fresh for the longer duration.
  • Most of the heating systems are enriched with an automatic control panel.
  • Most of the induction heating and rice cooker are having timer and clocks in them.
  • The systems are able to adjust the temperature according to the dish and help in the easy cooking of the dishes.

Therefore, instead of general cookers, one can have induction heater and rice heater system. For example, one can have Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker and Warmer Review so as to have the better knowledge of the system.