What to Know About Choosing Restaurant Table Tops and Bases


Table bases and tops built for restaurant come in a large assortment of shapes, colours as well as styles. Choosing the proper material and design also will help entice clients to sit down and have an enjoyable meal. No matter the reason you are seeking restaurant table bases and tops; intimate dining, outdoor dining, or casual dining with just a few special friends, your choice of table tops bases and tops can help build the perfect atmosphere.

Shapes of Restaurant Table Bases

Most people will never notice the shape of a commercial base for a table. This is because it is complementary to the table top. For example, a very simple square top for a table may be held by square-shaped table base and look great!

Shapes normally used for commercial table bases

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Pedestal
  • Round

Then shape or size of the top also offers the response as to how large the base should be. The bigger the table top is, the bigger the base diameter. But there are cases where two bases are needed to bear the weight and balance of a large table that is oblong shaped. The size of the table bases will bring share to the table top for that perfect balance.

Base material and stability

The materials that bases are made of the need to be sturdy for weight demands and pressure to be continuous. This type of firmness can be found in:

  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium

The application advantage dictates the type of material that should be used.

The height of restaurant table bases

A standard in the industry is to how tall table bases for restaurant tables that the best commercial furniture manufacturer go by. Not compulsory, 30 inches is the standard for an adequate measurement. This regulation makes it simpler to pick chairs that will match any tabletop and base easily.

Certain restaurants offer a bar-height seating. These table bases measure 42 inches and are quite popular today. These tables and top are also excellent for large entertainment area in some home – so, keep this in mind. They also can be used for outdoor areas that also have barbeque pits and entertainment areas.