Benefits of drinking hojicha tea


Green tea is the worlds most and healthy favorite drink as one it has got a various number of health benefits. It has polyphenols like catechins, tannins, flavonoids who all possess antiviral properties. The antimicrobial catechins in roasted green tea will greatly help in killing the bacteria. The Hojicha is very good for the human body as it contains various vitamins like vitamin A, C, and E which will help in maintaining a good immune system.

The following are the additional benefits one can get from roasted tea:

It improves the oral health:

The epigallocatechin-3-gaklate, or shortly known as EGCG helps effectively and prevents tooth decay and halitosis which is the bad breath. The vitamins present in the Hojicha tea like vitamin A, C, and E are highly anti-inflammatory which helps in the prevention of periodontal disease which is commonly known as gum diseases.

Helps the human to stay away from cancer:

The EGC and antioxidants present in the Hojicha are very good for human health as it decreases the chances of being affected by cancer cells and prevents the formation of tumors. This tea has a good amount LF fiber content than any other tea.

Brings down the blood pressure:

Almost half of the population suffers from high or low blood pressure for which continuous medication needs to be taken. But an effective way to bring the blood pressure back to normal is by drinking the roasted green tea on a regular basis. This prevents the human beings from heart diseases and strokes.

Brings down the cholesterol level:

High cholesterol rate in a person may lead him to sudden death by heart attack or so. To control this cholesterol level, the Hojicha tea can be significantly used as this tea prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein which is commonly known as the bad cholesterol. This also reduces the chances of having heart diseases.

Relieves stress:

Other than any other beneficial points, the Roasted tea is or must be used by almost all of the people as it greatly reduces the stress one acquires in the daily life. It provides the same benefits of stress relieving as in essential oil aromatherapy.

Hence, the Hojicha is the best tea that one should include in the daily diet.