Benefits Slow Cooking Offers That You Miss In Instant Foods

Cooking Tips

In the present world, where all things instant rule the mind of the consumers, the time has come when people need to go back to their basics. This need is very much prominent in the area of cooking where nutritional value of the food is reportedly going down day by day due to instant cooking methods. The use of earthenware of clay pots is advocated by all those who recommend healthy eating. The word ‘healthy eating’ is not restricted only to the selection of healthy food items. The ways of cooking also make part of healthy eating.

So, listed here are the benefits of slow cooking which people chose to ignore due to their time-pressed schedules.

  • Retains the nutritional value of the food: Slow cooking like simmering at a moderate temperature for longer times after initial quick boil helps food retain the nutrients in their healthiest form. While frying and stir-frying methods to vaporize the vitamins and minerals exceptionally fast leaving empty calories behind, slow cooking retains these food components well.
  • Makes food more aromatic and tastier: Slow cooking allows all spices and condiments to seep in nicely into the food. Since the utensil is sealed tight for slow cooking, the aroma of all these spices gets locked brilliantly. Also, since the soaking of spices completely into the food becomes possible with slow cooking, the taste is entirely different and much better.
  • Balances the pH value of the food: Earthenware is found to be effective in maintaining the alkalinity of the food. Important minerals like calcium, magnesium etc. that form important constituents of clay are also mixed in the food, making it more nutritious in the process.

Think about slow cooking today!

So, switch back to the clay pots if you are not feeling that your instant recipes are not doing any good to your health and taste buds. For best quality clay pot slow cookers, you can visit