Corporate Coffee System’s Trust in Environment Sustainability


It has been discussed in the previous entries that Corporate Coffee System’s proud and strong alliance with pro-environmental companies such as Reunion Island Coffee Roasters and Emerald Brand made the company develop a solid corporate identity and made this part of their social responsibility.

This movement, coordinating with their customer service, has brought a unique flair in building what is to be an ideal corporate drink supplier in New York. CCS starts their day making sure that manufacturing goods and equipment meet quality assurance control. Donning the best brands from Keurig in K Pod Brewers to locally produced coffee companies give a taste of both down-to-earth and progressive.

Next, to oil, coffee is said to be the world’s largest commodity and just like any industry in the center of consumerism, it shows studies of forced worker numbers with harmful environmental exposure. (The Good Trade) In lieu of this, custom coffee shops and brands have since branched out online and in local markets that do a bit of help for regional tourism. Corporate Coffee System hopes to be a continuing part of it.

Environment stewardship has been a neglected necessity and our company wants to be at the forefront of it starting with the three facets of this commitment: recycling, minimal energy, and water. Tackling recycling, we chose to make our products compostable as much as possible, with our trademark products strategically using eco-sustainable packaging materials and ingredients. Our coffee and water machines by known builders have energy-saving functions that use less water and less electricity that make it safer.

More importantly, the one that upholds our green standard best is our coffee. Extraction of coffee beans is known to give some of the biggest contributions to the lack of environmental footprints that as earth citizens we have to account for especially for the increase of “coffee culture”. Production of coffee has been replaced by the continuous harvesting of shaded canopy trees to a mass sun-cultivation that demand the requirement for a fertilizer that as time passed proved to be hazardous. (Blackswell, 2011) Not to mention the continuous argument between price commodity that satisfies the labor of farmers as well as the companies who sell them. If we want to change the way we drink coffee, then we have to change the way we make them and sadly give up a cosmopolitan outlook to the much-loved caffeine drink.

Not to fear because that is why Corporate Coffee Systems is here: to give you an alternative way to drinking coffee that is enjoyable and guilt-free green coffee. Moreover, not only is the coffee green but as we mentioned, the supplies as well! Emerald Brand poses Tree-Free, BPA (Bisphenol, a toxic hormone found in plastic that can replicate human hormones), certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Design for the Environment. Emerald is the trusted manufacturer of our cups, lids, tableware, tissues and janitorial supplies. Reunion Island Coffee Roasters has been qualified as being Fair Trade, organic and a partner for Rainforest Alliance Certified. Our coffee shows a zero-waste coffee pod in both our coffee sales and machines.