Create the Perfect Coffee Bag for Selling Your Coffee


If you grow and sell coffee, then you know how important the coffee bags are together with all coffee packaging needs. Premium coffee bags are very sturdy, lightweight, and provide protection against:

  • Humidity
  • Moisture
  • Heat
  • Sunlight

Helps deliver the best in coffee

This packaging technology has come a long way to let you deliver the freshest as well as the best tasting coffee to your customers. Dura-Pack is a custom bag option that offers:

  • Zip closures
  • Tear notches
  • Custom coffee bags printing services
  • Large selection of materials, styles, and finishes

All of this will complement your branding, as well as help, raise your brand to that next level.


Dura-Pack was founded in early 1970s. Now they are a 3rd generation family business that focusses on packaging equipment and packaging answers that are supple. They are housed in Taylor, Michigan, and Dura-Pack is a fully combined company with:

In-house engineering

Electrical design

Graphic design

Software development

They go beyond a simple bag that reflects their commitment to valuing their customers’ investment without having to sacrifice quality. Rather than conceding outsourcing and service to lower costs, they marry sophisticated solutions with the best in-house manufacturing processes. Everything they do is also backed up by a culture that is service-oriented and in a family-friendly environment.

Competitive business

Growing and selling coffee is quite competitive. Choosing the right coffee bag is an important component of your sales and marketing plan. They have aided many independent coffees roasting companies meet their goals for packaging, and they are always there to help you do the same.

Need bag samples?

They are glad to offer samples of the coffee bags. Just fill out our ‘Sample Request’ form. They look forward to working with you and on your coffee packaging projects.