Simple Easy Way to Make Iced Coffee at Home


During the hot summer months, you often need frequent refreshing drinks throughout the day. One such easy-to-make refreshing drink is the iced coffee brew at your home without much effort. You need to watch out for a few simple steps and you can have the most loved brew in the world. Although coffee is taken hot, it is the icy cold coffee that gives you a more energetic feel during hot summers. The following paragraphs will show you how to make this splendid super brew at your home. 

It is assumed that your kitchen will have the bare necessary utensils including a coffee maker to make your grand iced coffee. Along with the coffee maker, you would need a measuring cup, glass, or pitcher, and two spoons, one for collecting the beans and the other for stirring and scooping sugar. You may also use another glass or pitcher to stir the mixture well enough as you may prefer. But these are the basic items that you may need for making iced coffee at home on hot days. 

Steps to Make the Iced Brew

You would need to purchase high-quality coffee beans and then grind the same before you start brewing. You can get excellent premium blends of coffee beans if you are particular about the taste. You would also need to keep aside milk or cream whichever you prefer. Your next step is to keep aside some sugar or sweetener as per your taste. 

The next step is to keep ready some ice cubes or get the same out from your refrigerator when you start the brewing.  The brewing is done with the help of the coffee maker and you will find the instruction on the package or the net. You do this by gathering the ground coffee beans. 

Measure one cup of freshly brewed coffee and pour it into the glass you have kept handy or a pitcher, as the case may be. You then add milk or cream and also add the required sugar or sweetener and stir well. The more you stir the better the ingredients get mixed. 

Adding Various Flavors

You may also add various flavors to your brew. It is necessary to do so before you pour your coffee mixture into the glass filled with ice cubes. While making iced coffee at home, you may add different kinds of flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, etc. The best way to know your preferred flavor is to experiment with the ingredients several times.

You may also add or lessen the portion of milk to make it a strong brew or a lighter one. You can also alter the strength with a strong and bold flavor. You may also use little, medium, or lots of ice to alter the strength of the coffee brew to your favor. 

After making iced coffee at home you must serve the same immediately to retain the flavor you had always thought was unique to your brew. It will taste even better than the ones you bought from the stores.