How to Make Money in Frozen Dessert Treats by Researching Suppliers


If your business is selling frozen dessert treats, such as yogurt, gelato, and other ice cream treats, you know that this business is very competitive. You need to stay within your budget for your business to remain profitable. This means you need to get the best price possible on your supplies – and there is a lot needed in this business.


Of course, every wholesale supplier will advertise that they are the best online distributor for all the supplies you need. This means you need to do your research and find the distributors who can supply you and at what cost.

Supplies you need

Some of the supplies you need include high quality, customized cups for frozen yogurt, cups with lids for ice cream as well as gelato cups. These are not supplies that are cheap to buy because most of the good ones come in strong heavyweight paper or plastic. You need to have your logo and business name on all these supplies.

Customize branding

In addition to your cups, you need to also be able to get other frozen dessert additions including:

  • Ice cream spoons
  • Gelato spoons
  • Frozen yogurt spoons
  • To go containers
  • Cup Lids

Customize your cups for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato to one-up the competition. Brand all cups with colors, logo, social media icons, coupons, QR Codes and more.

Where to brand

Branding needs to go on your spoons also, this will make you stand out from your competition and is a great way to keep the brand in front of the people who buy your products. Custom print paper drink cups are used for soda, water, milkshakes or many of the other cold drinks that you might sell. So that means put your brand on everything. And especially brand the ice cream to go containers as they are used longer in freezer storage paper.

Let’s get started

If you are just starting out or your job just became saving and ordering supplies then go to to begin your online research.