The Best Ice Cream That You Should Not Miss In Summer


If summer is the season of ice cream, no one will object. Although the calories are a little high, they can’t resist the temptation. We searched for you some of the most beautiful ice cream stores this summer. Not only did they taste great, but they were also worth taking pictures.

Salt & Straw@Portland

Salt & Straw has always maintained its unique qualities. Apart from the impressive, rich, and luxuriant ice cream offered, the store’s most recognizable philosophy is its “Farm to Ice Cream Tank” philosophy. If you go to Salt & Straw, you will find that the apricots you have eaten are all extremely sweet and natural. The classic Freckled Woodlock Chocolate is covered with dark chocolate crumbs on light cocoa ice cream. Many frozen yogurt kiosk in Mall will also have this ice cream to sell.

Leopold’s Ice Cream@Savannah

Savannah was Georgia’s first city and the first state capital. Leopold’s Ice Cream is the local number one ice cream, an old shop for nearly a century, with signature walls of various celebrities. Ice-cream shops that opened in 1935 are now almost identical to those that opened 80 years ago. Pistachio strawberry is a brand product; seasonal products are “Japanese cherry blossom” and “Savannah’s smile”.

Also, check – Aronia berries

OddFellows Ice Cream Co@New York

Odd Fellows’s ice cream tastes strange, and to make it even more exaggerated, new flavors are born almost every day. Bosses like to mix salty ingredients in ice cream. Cheese and sausage can be found in this ice cream. Tastes for extreme weird challengers include miso butter candy cherry, Manchester cheese pineapple, sausage caramel whirlpool, and this unimaginable goose liver ice cream.

Why ice creams are so popular in everywhere? To start an ice cream business is definitely a great business idea. Opening an ice cream kiosk in a shopping mall or start an ice cream store in the street, even outdoor ice cream cart & trolly are very welcomed.

Smitten Ice Cream@San Francisco

Whether it’s warm summer or cold winter, San Francisco ice cream has always been popular. On Fisherman’s Wharf, the world’s most famous Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shops are Delicious Sundae Homes. Bi-Rite Creamery and Humphrey Slocombe at Fisherman’s Wharf and Three Twins in Lower Haight specialize in hand-made ice cream with fresh ingredients and innovative flavors. Smitten Ice Cream is the hottest ice cream shop nowadays. It not only has a rich and mellow taste but also has a smooth taste. It is featured by the fact that no preservatives are used. It is made on site with liquid nitrogen.