Make your Food Dine more Fine with Amazing Drinks at a Cocktail Bar


Alcohol and spirits make an amazing blend of flavorful option which we call cocktails. Cocktails are nowadays preferred by almost everyone in this world. Vodka can be a boring sort of drink, but cocktails can surely amaze you with its bucket full of flavors.

Today, around every corner of the world, we can spot a cocktail bar. It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy amazing cocktail drinks. With alcohols, spirits, and mixers a good range of cocktails can be prepared.

Various types of classic, flavorful cocktails

There are so many talented bartenders present today providing you with an exotic range of different cocktails. Enjoy these different types of most commonly preferred exotic cocktails with your fine dining:-

  • Classic Gin Martini

Classic Gin Martini preserved with strong flavors is considered as the king of cocktails. When served chilled with a bunch of ice cubes, a martini can provide you with the utmost pleasure of exotic drink. Martini mixed efficiently with the spirit, i.e., gin is the best cocktail drink you can ever have.

  • Sweetly Braced Manhattan

Manhattan is slightly different from Martini just because of the tinge of sweetness present in it due to the usage of 100-year-old Bourbon and rye whiskey. This whiskey, when mixed with spirits, presents the exotic sweetly braced Manhattan.

  • Vodka Spicy Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary as the name suggests is not made with blood, but it presumes the beautiful red color of blood. Easily customized Vodka mixed with some spicy flavors according to your spice taste makes a good drink of Bloody Mary which you can consume with your breakfast.

  • Fruity Tequila Margarita

Margarita is best considered to be used in the parties. You can mix some flavorful fruits with good old tequila shots and enjoy the soothing cocktail drink of fruity margaritas.

  • Classic Rum Mojito

Mojito is the wilderness added to the simple lemonade. It can be considered as the evolution of lemonade with rum in place of water. Classic rum mojito is the best sweet cocktail drink which ought to be served during summers for cool relief.