Questions a Caterer May Ask You before Confirming for the Event


Whenever you plan an event, the first thing that comes to your mind is to find a venue and book a caterer. You have thousands of questions and food menus in your mind to ask. But do you know that caterers also have a list of questions that they ask their clients? Here are a few questions that they may ask you when they meet their client for the first time. Feel free to go through them.

Question 1: Date of the event

This is the first question that every caterer asks their clients. This is to ensure that the date is not clashing with any other appointments or bookings. Also, if the event is during the festive season, they may be over-occupied, or the raw materials may be hard to ship.

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Question 2: Number of Guests

This is another important question for the caterer which helps him/her decide the amount of food to be cooked. You don’t want half of your guests starving, do you? Another important thing to note is that the number of guests will also determine the number of ingredients and cutlery required.

Question 3: What’s on the Menu

Creating an impressive menu doesn’t only include choosing the food; it also involves choosing how to serve it. Some of the most popular meal ideas are plated meals, buffets, and cocktail-style receptions. Also, the drinks and beverages that go along with the event play an important role. Some people love bars at the corner while some also want cold drinks for senior citizens and kids.

As you start answering catering companies Perth, you will end up getting more questions from staff, equipment organizers, floral decorators, interiors, etc. Stay prepared because the more you answer accurately the better will be their management.