Some Special Treats for Special Couples


Weddings are made in heaven as everyone quotes. Memories and moments of the wedding are made in the earth. AS every moment is special for the wedding couple, everything will have to be planned and organized to cherish the memory later. People especially couples are looking for a sleek, neat and elegant wedding with cute moments that they can hold on dear to their heart for long. This urge to make things more special for the big day is perfectly understood by the famous English and Thai Couple Jason and Oi. This couple has been using Thai concept of preparing and serving ice-creams to their customers. As they fondly call, rolled ice-creams are their speciality. They also take orders for their customers for special occasions. What could be more special for a couple to have a different ice cream roll wedding served especially with care and taste to their guests? Yes, these ice-creams are served to the guests with customized flavours that are hand-picked by this couple. The process of making is a simple to treat to your eyes and you might have one big competition as steal showers in your wedding in case if you pick this cool dessert.

An interesting element in your wedding

The ice creams are made in a very interesting manner. The staff pours a cup of flavoured milk in a very cold based pan that freezes the entire liquid instantly. As the liquid freezes, many elements such as little paddles, are added and they’re kneaded like bread in the huge pan and finally spread as a circle. Once spread, a spatula is used to form spirals across the circle and fold into required shapes. By mixing various flavours and colours, the final product can be made rich and vibrant that are pleasing visionaries to everyone’s eyes. Presenting them in for a cool dessert is pure pleasure and exotic. The ice-cream can be piled up also for scooping or can be served as curls in paper cups. Many people are now in fond of these ice creams and the extent of their demand in unimaginable. Though these ice-creams are not perfect recipients for taking away, this is surely a pure delight for any special occasions. The ice-creams are also prepared with fruit flavours, fruit pieces, Oreo-based and chocolate based and hence comes handy in many flavours like other ice-creams.

Growing popularity

Many users who pass by the couple shop give it a try and give their thumbs up to this Thai recipe. Making its entry in late 200’s in Thai, this dessert has now paved its way in too many countries and declaring a place for itself. As many could think, this special dessert is available at affordable cost and is prepared fresh in front of everyone. These ice creams are now popular in U.S, U.K and many other countries now.

This cool dessert is now making headlines in many of the countries and no exception your wedding could be stealing the show with these show stoppers.