The First Time I Tried Nitro Coffee


Have you recently been spotting people taking coffee that is being pulled from a keg tap? Yes? Well, that is Bona Fide Nitro Coffee for the uninitiated.

Over the years, I have noted with a lot of glee how the combination of coffee and bubbles always tends to make individuals go a little bit crazy. It is something that you can see based on how fast espresso tonics became popular. It is, therefore, not a big surprise that this bubbly cold brew has become such a big hit with the masses.


I have come to learn that the concept behind draft beer and nitro coffee are indeed the same. It is a concept that is making it possible for the manufacturers of this cold brew to make it in big batches, and then be able to store it for a long time—without it ever going bad.

As mentioned, the nitro coffee has to be stored in a keg after preparation. What many do not realize is that there is a lot of science behind its preparation. It is the first blast—chilled before being poured into the keg.

The brew can maintain its freshness, regardless of how long it remains in storage. And as you may have noticed from its name, the Bona Fide Nitro Coffee is coffee that has been treated with nitrogen.


Generally, this cold brew is made in big batches before being stored in keg barrels. When the time to serve it arrives, your nitro coffee gets drawn from the tap, and this is what normally causes the coffee to have a foamy head.

The fact that it is served from an already chilled keg (and drawn directly from a tap), you will find that no ice is ever used. So, in reality, taking a cold brew can be equated to taking a beer, as opposed to taking a traditionally iced coffee. What makes this drink even better is the fact that there is no chance of your coffee being diluted—which would naturally take its deliciousness away—as there are no ice cubes involved when it is being served.

It is, however, important to note that nitro coffee is not just reserved for kegs. It is possible to get it in cans, and all you have to do is check whether your favourite manufacturer has introduced the canned version. Imagine the kind of fun you would have bringing nitro coffee cans with you on your next picnic with the family, colleagues, or friends.

Wondering what is cool about Bona Fide Nitro Coffee? Well, when this coffee is served from a keg, and on to the tap, you will find that it is very mobile-friendly. You can take it with you to the office, or on your next work-related field trip.

The coolest thing I noticed with this cold brew is the fact that you do not need sugar or cream, as you would with your normal coffee. Thanks to the many bubbles that come with the brew, it ends up being less acidic, almost creamy, and it also comes with a sweet taste.

So, are you ready to start taking your coffee like you would with your draft beer? I know, I am.