Becoming a Coffee Connoisseur


A lot of us couldn’t live without coffee. That jump-start of caffeine is just what we need to get the day under way. But in our pursuit of energy and presence of mind, we may be ignoring the very thing that is getting us the caffeine. For some, coffee is something we buy at a fast food place or brew using discount grounds from a grocery store. Some people even argue that drinking cheap, lousy coffee is somehow a virtue. How perverse!

You know better. You know that drinking terrible coffee morning after morning in a desperate bid to just wake up is no way to go through life. You’d prefer to have a more beneficial relationship with your morning cup of joe. You appreciate the rituals of coffee making and the ambiance of a good coffee shop. You crave complex flavors and variable brewing methods. You, my friend, want to be a coffee connoisseur.

We can help. Here’s what you need to know about becoming a true coffee appreciator.

Learning the basics

So where should you start? With the basics, of course. You should know what coffee is and where it comes from. You may not be able to tell the differences between different roasts and coffee that is grown in different regions — at least, not yet! — but you should start filling yourself in on the basics so that you have a context for later taste-tests and impressions. Learn what regions specialize in coffee growing. Learn the different types of coffee roasts. Learn the different ways to brew coffee, and how coffee and espresso are treated differently in different countries. Learn a few basic terms and types of coffee drinks, such as the Americano.

You can start tasting these different coffees in local coffee shops. Try to identify the things you read about. Learn to notice bitterness and other traits that differentiate types of coffee.

Then, prepare to get to know coffee a little better by brewing it yourself.

Brewing your own coffee

Going to the coffee shop is fine, but you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for coffee if you learn to prepare your own. You can use a simple coffee machine, but don’t stop there: check out pour-over coffee, French presses, and other brewing techniques.

You’ll start to see how subtle things can affect your coffee experience, both in the flavor and in the feeling of the ritual surrounding your morning coffee. And you’ll also save money, by the way.

Brewing your coffee at home is significantly more affordable than ordering it at the coffee shop.

Investing in great coffee

With an understanding of coffee and a little experience brewing it, you’ll be ready to indulge in the really high-quality stuff. Now is the time to get appropriately snobby! Fortunately, you don’t need to spend tons of money or do a ton of research to start exploring high-end coffees. You can save a bit of time and money by opting for a coffee subscription insead.

In today’s world of online subscriptions and speedy delivery, the subscription box phenomenon has changed everything from fashion to food. Why not let it change your coffee experience, too? Sign up for a curated coffee subscription box service and get high-quality coffee delivered to your door.

You don’t have to stop there, of course. You can read books, you can visit iconic coffee shops when you’re traveling to different cities, and you can practice all sorts of complex ways to prepare coffee and espresso at home. The work of a connoisseur never ceases! But when great coffee is your passion, nothing should stand between you and the perfect coffee experience.