Two Ways to Make a Great Cup of Coffee


Percolators are defined as pots used for the brewing of coffee by continually cycling water that is near boiling, through coffee grounds until wanted coffee beverage strength is attained. Percolators are made up of a variety of parts. It has a heat source at the bottom either or an external source such as an element of fire or an internal source powered from an electrical outlet.


How does a percolator work – it works with hot water that uses the natural rising of bubbles that are created. This process goes through many cycles, as the steam continues to soak up the grounds of coffee, this brewed coffee will drain back to the bottom of the pot. This method plays a role both in the texture and flavor each time it is re-steeped or reheated.


It is wise to be hands-on as you bring the water to a boil and make certain steam does not come out of the percolator since this will oversaturate the coffee grounds. Some percolators can now be purchased with a lid that is clear allowing you to watch the coffee darkening as it happens.

Long black coffee

Another method of making coffee is the long black coffee that has less water making the flavor and aroma stronger. Long black coffees were first made for tourists from American visiting Italy. Americans were used to drinking coffee brewed and filtered so espresso was quite too strong for them.

How it is made

A “long black” is a type of coffee, which is simply made by pouring double espresso shot over water that is hot. The order this is done for a long black (water is first, espresso is second) is vital; reversing the process will ruin the crème from the espresso shots. A short black is the same as a long black but made with just a single shot of espresso.

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What is liked?

Benefits of long black coffee are; it has a stronger flavor, higher concentration of espresso and cream on top. It is normally served in a tall mug or cup. This type of coffee is quite popular in Australia and New Zealand.