Don’t Give Up Coffee Creamers Just Look for Healthy Coffee Creamers


The problem some years ago with those coffee drinkers that used lots of coffee creamer is that after time they noticed that they were gaining weight. But that is not a problem in today’s world as there are many healthy coffee creamers currently on the market today.

Coffee creamers

As mentioned above, these coffee creamers are known by many as being a bit fatting with added sweeteners. Years ago, most of these creamers are made from milk and have added sugar as well as flavorings, while others are more processed with no milk at all – but still not very healthy.

Healthy coffee creamers

But fortunately, some healthy coffee creamer alternatives have entered the marketplace. Coffee creamer substitutions are made from lactose-free products, plant-based products and, even some low-carb foods.

Coffee mate®

Coffee mate® is one of those companies that believe life is all about finding what you love. And many people love Coffee mate® and their different flavors of coffee creamers but they are a bit fattening so many coffee drinkers have tried to stay away from them. But Coffee mate® was smart enough to see this problem and have put out a line of sugar-free and fat-free creamers that you can still stop and savor the moments with coffee that you love.

Natural bliss®

They also have a product line of creamers called natural bliss®. These come in different flavors as well as flavors that are special for the holiday and will make every cup you pour “naturally delicious”. They begin with real cream and milk from cows that have never been treated with any added growth hormone, merging in flavor resulting from other natural ingredients.


And to make things even better, they also have product creamers that are non-dairy as well as low fat and sugar-free. They knew they had a good product; they just needed to serve those who were afraid of getting fat with them. And they have done this with the line of natural bliss® products also.

Healthy coffee creamers

So, if you are worried about gaining fat, you do not have to give these products up. You can try out any of these new coffee creamers that are now on the market and find that there are still plenty of healthy coffee creamers to use.