The Secret of Sri Lankan Aromatic Yellow Rice


Traditional aromatic yellow rice is an indispensable feature on the banquet of almost all celebratory
occasions in every Sri Lankan restaurant and home. Apart from the unique mouth-watering fragrance, the
vibrant yellow color of rice matched with the garnish of golden brown caramelized Onions and roasted
Cashew nuts is incredibly visually pleasing and appetizing.

Traditionally Keeri Samba rice is used for yellow rice, yet Basmathi rice can be a great substitute as well.
First, Onions are sauteed with Curry leaves and Pandan leaves.

The Special Guests

Curry leaves (Murraya koenigi) are known for their cholesterol-lowering elements, and add an appetizing
zesty herbal flavor to the rice. Pandan leaves (Pandanus latifolium) release a strong aroma when
sauteed, which makes the entire dish smell irresistibly.

Why Buffalo Ghee?

Buffalo ghee (white ghee) is conventionally used to saute the Onions and herbs. Its nutty, slightly roasted
butteriness adds a delightfully rich flavor to the rice. Yet, It is alright to replace it with butter or coconut oil,
as original buffalo ghee is rare and really expensive.

Washed raw rice is mixed with sauteed onions and cooked in Turmeric infused water, which results in an
eye-catching, vibrant yellow color.

Sometimes diluted coconut milk is also used to replace water, to create a richer and creamier version.
One might consider it as an unwanted addition of fat, therefore it is totally your choice. (Not to mention the
heavenly flavorfulness of the coconut milk version.)

And yes. Here comes the secret. (*Drum roll*) The secret is all about spices.

The Spice Bag

The spice bag is a small pouch made up of shear fabric that is filled with tiny portions of Cinnamon,
Cloves, and Cardamom.

Cinnamon is the dried bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum which is endemic to Sri Lanka. It has a very
pleasant characteristic flavor. Cloves are the dried mature flowers of Eugenia caryophylla, with a sharp
aroma. They are commonly used in oriental medicine, due to their remarkable ability to purify the
digestive tract. Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) has a strong, pungent flavor, but the right amount
would do the magic.

All of them are pre-crushed, in order to extract their soothing aroma and the addictive flavor to the fullest.
This pouch is placed in the pot while rice is being cooked. It allows a perfect infusion of aroma and flavor,
without having any residues hidden in rice. So dig in without worrying about any surprise encounters with

And the interesting fact is that the exclusive spice and herb blend used here is capable of cutting off the
majority of unhealthy fats that might be included due to the generous use of ghee and coconut milk. So
yeah. This treat is almost guilt-free.

The Garnish is a must

The yellow rice dish is incomplete without the iconic garnishing of roasted Cashew nuts and fried onions.
They make the dish extremely appealing while adding an extra shot of flavors.

So, take a break from the tedious white rice, and consider trying our aromatic yellow rice for a tempting,
novel rice experience.