Tips For Grilling a Great Steak

Cooking Tips

Most individuals grill steak either in a casual manner or by paying too much attention. Although both methods have their pros, a method somewhere in the middle is always the best. Grilling a perfect steak is not hard, as long as you follow a few straightforward steps. As with everything in this world, a bit of practice always helps. That being said here are a few BBQ steak tips to keep in mind:

Always Salt Early

You will always hear that you should not salt meat too far in advance of cooking as it draws out the moisture. This is certainly true, but over the course fo 20 minutes, that is a good thing. That’s because the salt starts to dissolve into the little bit of moisture.

When you put the steak on the grill, the proteins and sugars in the moisture will combine with the salt and the rest of the seasonings, creating a delicious crust. Yes, you will lose a bit of moisture, but it’s worth sacrificing for the sake of flavor. If you want to add some moisture then base it in butter – brown butter is best. It’s pretty simple to make brown butter, and as we said it’s perfect for cooking your steak.

Removing The Chill Accelerates Cooking

The primary goal of grilling a steak is to brown the surface and char it a bit while also cooking the interior into perfect juicy doneness. However, if the meat is too cold, the interior will need so much cooking time in order to reach that ideal doneness. The results to a gray and dry steak that’s overcooked.

That being said, you should let the steak sit at room temperature for half an hour before grilling. This will allow it to cook faster and provide that delicious juiciness of a well-done steak.

Searing Brings Out The Flavor

One of the good habits that separate professional chefs from amateur cooks is that chefs take their time when it comes to searing. They know that searing brings out many flavors and aromas on the steak’s surface and so, they allow the meat to sizzle over direct heat until the surface turns dark and dark brown.

You Cannot Reintroduce Moisture Into A Steak

Steaks lose moisture as they grill over high heat. Juices and fats are literally pushed out. One of the most important parts of cooking a steak is taking it off the grill before it loses too much moisture. There’s a short span of time, often 2 minutes, where the meat goes from medium to medium rare or medium to medium-well. Catching this window calls for vigilance and so, you should never keep your eyes off the grill. Also, keep in mind that it is always better to remove it when it is undone and return it that allowing the steak to overcook.

Thicker Steaks Need to Slide Over

Most steaks will cook perfectly over direct heat alone and the only time you may have to move them is when flareups occur. However, if you leave a thick steak to cook over direct heat only, it will burn on the outside before reaching the ideal internal doneness that you are after

So, if your steak is way over an inch, the sear and slide approach should be your go-to. Once you have seared both sides of the steak, slide it to a part of the grill that’s not too hot and finish the cooking there.

With these tips, you should be able to grill the perfect steak no matter where you are. Nexgrill vs Weber Grills along with six specific and trendy models to consider before buying the best one for you