What Is the Best Brownie Mix from the Box – Taste Test


Lavs Guide researches different foods done in different ways and see which one tastes the best.  The guide’s host seems to have a very good palate that allows her to be able to taste very small changes between the same food made differently.


This website has a blog and links to YouTube for videos on what food item is being researched or tested. The current test on YouTube is what is the best store brownie mix. Four brand name brownie mixes were baked and tested.

Brownie Mixes

All batches usually look the same, but brownie mixes make brownies that have their own texture, flavor and the amount of “gooeyness”. One thing is certain, brownies from the box are better and easier to make than homemade from scratch.

There are dozens of chocolate brownie mixes – some brand name and some grocery store brand, so it seemed to be hard to pick the ones to test.

Brand names

Four brand names that were tested included Duncan Hines, Pillsbury, Ghirardelli, and Betty Crocker. A sample of each batch was tested and a decision on the best was made. But, I can’t tell you the one that won – you must find that out on your own.

Baking time

One thing that was not covered is done these mixes reach the minimum baking time listed on the box. It has been written that you should always set the timer for less time than listed on the box as you might end up with brownies that are much too hard.

Other tests

There are some tests on this same subject already done and on the internet with a few testing up to 20 brownies box mixes and all of them had at least three or more testers for the tasting.

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