Must-Haves for Your Takeaway Shop


The takeaway business has really evolved over the years, no wonder so many people are venturing into it now. The mouth-watering delicacies and the convenience of having food to go, make it very attractive to customers. If you are looking to venture into this business, then it is only wise that you know the things you must have in your takeaway shop. Since most of the space in a takeaway is dedicated to food production as opposed to dining, there are things that you must be prepared to invest in.

Kitchen Equipment

If you want to serve a good variety of foods in your takeaway shop, you will need more than one type of stove. Have one that is good for soups, sandwiches, melting cheese or a broiler that cooks food in short periods. Get a grill, be it charbroiler or a flat top that you will use to cook meats. You could also have a fryer or a fryolator. These are for French fries or chicken wings. Your kitchen should make it possible for you to whip up dishes in a short period of time. You can also opt to precook your ingredients to make the cooking process faster.


This is a fun part! Well branded takeaway containers are a must-have. Make really nice and neat packaging materials. They should be unique and eye-catching. The packaging containers should be as strong as they are easy on the eyes. Provide for ample packaging space for the food you produce. No one wants their food crammed up in a tiny space. Click here to find affordable packaging and labeling.

Hot Holding Case

Your commercial kitchen should have the right hot holding cabinets. Food will always be on the go and should always be hot. Your hot holding case should be between the front of the takeaway shop and the kitchen so that the menu items are always hot.


Always keep food fresh in the refrigerator. A good refrigerator is a must-have. Since food is perishable, make sure you use all the food while it’s still fresh. Keep food at 40°F or below. Refrigerate food as soon as possible, preferably within two hours of delivery or purchase. Make sure you wash all fruits and vegetables before you refrigerate. Proper hygiene is a must in a takeaway shop.

Cash Register

Your shop should be equipped with a cash register. Get one with a secure cash box, an advance adding machine and a receipt printer. You could also opt for one that connects to credit card and bar code terminals or scanners. In addition, you could incorporate a point of sale (POS) system for functionality. These come in many varieties that can save you money. Your cash registers are supposed to be programmed to transmit takeaway orders to your kitchen.

Drink Dispenser

Your shop should not miss a beverage dispenser or juice dispenser. Your customers will need drinks to go with their food, therefore, keep the cold drinks flowing. The drink dispensers should be near the cash register, with drinking straws and cups. You should also invest in garbage bins for trash and dispensers for keeping the free self-service items.

Good Furnishing

Furniture should be simple and functional, where the consumers will be free to eat their meals without getting too cozy and staying for a long time. The interior decor should be well done to arouse good appetite. Your shop’s general outlook should set an appealing tone. The area should be well lit. Also, ensure that your menu is easy to read, and your takeaway shop has the right business permits.