Dom Perignon Gift Box from the Year 2009 Is a Perfect Wine for a Gift


Wine and champagne make wonderful gifts to mark any occasions. Celebrate a special wedding anniversary with a beautiful arrangement of Champagne gifts. You can really take the celebration to a new level by sending anniversary gifts of champagne and flutes with a helium balloon that floats gently out of the box when it is opened. It will also be carefully packaged with your special gift message. Red wine and chocolate gifts will make another great surprise.

Dom Perignon Gift Box Year 2009

Dom Perignon creates wines of great vintage and 2009 was a very special year. But that is the absolute commitment from this famous maker of great wines. Only the very best grapes from the most exceptional years are used, making each vintage very distinct. It is the perfect embodiment of the power of Creation – an act of creation that elevates that mind and enlightens the world.

Vintage 2009

This is an icon of this winemaking company and it showcases the perfect equilibrium as well as being to life the harmony that is so distinguishing of Dom Perignon. This wine is complete, tactile, and rhythmic (this is wine talk for a great bottle of wine). It is exotic; its tactile is thickness and its utterly unique depth of flavor.

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Wilfred Wong of

Wong’s job is to taste lots and lots of wines. He tastes from cellars, wineries, laboratories, meetings, dinners as well as under all kinds of circumstances. He has tasted many vintages of Dom Perignon, so he is not sure that he is truly objective. Early reports on the vintage of 2009 have been spotty with many wine tasters saying it is a pretty good but not a great year.

Notes on tasting

This wine has a fine mousse and brings forward with refined and complex aromas of bread dough and ripe apples. Its taste is delightful and lively with beautiful smoothness in layers. The wine’s energy is superb and bright (more wine talk).

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