The American Staple that is Still a Long-Standing Favorite in NYC


Nobody can contest that a steak dinner is a classic American dish. It is considered a staple dinner, and a well-cooked steak that is both tender and juicy is what people are always looking for whenever they have a craving for one.

The significance of steak to Americans can be shown with the number of families with a grill in their backyard. Steak still takes center stage at an American table. No matter how many years have passed, steak remains a dish that Americans can’t live without in life. This American favorite has found a home in the boroughs of Manhattan.

Various steakhouses and grills can be found on the Upper West Side. They have a lot of variation when it comes to steak recipes. Different chefs from different cultural backgrounds try to put a twist on it, incorporating something new to the classic dish. They add different exotic flavors to the plate to make it distinct from the rest, enriching the classic American steak with their own ethnic spices.

New York City is home to a plentiful and diverse demographic, a melting pot of various people and cultures. And we can see this reflected in the food culture of the Upper West Side restaurants entrenched in a steakhouse-centric food scene.

Here are some variations you will find on the Upper West Side:

Traditional American grill

The typical western steakhouse never goes out of style. Many of the restos in the Upper West Side follow the classic American style of cooking.

Japanese steakhouse

Teppanyaki is part of Japanese cuisine that cooks choice cuts of meat like steak on an iron griddle. Most of the Japanese Upper West Side restos in NYC are hybrid Japanese steakhouses. Some have a wine bar, and some have a sushi bar.

Turkish grill

Beef is considered one of the key ingredients used in Turkish cuisine. They make use of a lot of spices that come from Central Asia or the Middle East. An example of a flavorful dish they have is kebabs. They are the best-known Turkish dish in the world, and many of NYC’s restos serve up steak chunks kebab style.

Kosher restaurants

A kosher restaurant has its version of a well-done steak. Their cooking style is rooted in their long history of Jewish tradition. The process of cooking is a long and rigorous process to achieve the perfect balance of toughness and tenderness. Cooking a steak perfectly seasoned, juicy and seared brown on the outside is how kosher restaurants serve their version of steak. Their signature sauce, the red wine steak sauce, is what makes kosher steak so famous.

South American grill (Brazilian or Argentinian style of cooking)

What is central to SouthAmerican grilling is their spices. They make use of spicy herbs to produce the rich flavor their steak is known for all across the globe. Chimichurri, for example, is rooted in Argentinian cuisine, and many of these steakhouses have their own homemade mix of Chimichurri to set them apart.

The varied style of cooking steak shows how much various cultures profoundly influence NYC.