Why Buy Couverture Chocolate?


A chocolate high in quality that contains a higher percentage i.e 32-39 percent of cocoa butter than baking or eating chocolate is termed couverture chocolate. This type of chocolate differs from compound chocolate as products made up of compound chocolate contains a lower percentage of solids and contains non-cocoa fats.

All chocolate bars contains many of the same ingredients including cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and sometimes additives like vanilla, soy lecithin or milk powder but in the case of couverture chocolate, unlike regular chocolate, it is ground to a finer texture during the production process and contains a much higher percentage of cocoa butter compared to other ingredients.

The dark couverture chocolate is pre-tempered and being a couverture Chocolate, it contains a 31 percent fat content. This dark chocolate couverture is enjoyably bitter with a minimum of 70.4 percent cocoa solids. Couverture chocolate is ideal for molding, enrobing truffles, and fine candy making.

Some brands of couverture chocolate are packaged tempered, and others are packaged untempered. Subsequent tempering may or may not be required, depending on the usage and the desired characteristics of the final product.

Couverture Chocolate can be eaten whole. It melts more evenly with better flavor hence it gives a lovely chocolate experience. The extra cocoa solids and cocoa butter make couverture Chocolate type easier for dipping and candy making high-quality chocolate bar and clusters.


Why buy couverture Chocolate? The benefit of couverture chocolate includes the following:

  • Cocoa butter present in couverture Chocolates possesses the same melting point ad the human body temperature. This cocoa butter is thus a good source of cholesterol which helps not only to keep the cholesterol level in check but also helps to maintain total cholesterol level.
  • The consumption of the cocoa butter present in couverture chocolate improves the appearance of one’s skin. It helps the body in aging at a reduced rate.
  • Couverture dark chocolate is believed according to research to reduce or lessen the risks of arteriosclerosis (a medical condition which results in the thickening of the walls of the arteries in the human body that is known to hamper the flow of blood).
  • Research conducted has also shown that couverture chocolate is capable of combating and fighting off kidney problems and helps lowers the risk and susceptibility to heart or cardiac diseases.
  • Couverture Chocolate is noted to contain theobromine which is known to help in the hardening of the tooth enamel and it is believed to help in curing cough.
  • Research has also shown that the daily iron requirements for men (19{b5ce6c21b8d35e18b06b15afce00261d37d23248a31df900c1450197c0c944a7}) and women (8{b5ce6c21b8d35e18b06b15afce00261d37d23248a31df900c1450197c0c944a7}) are present in cocoa solids which are one of the major ingredients of couverture Chocolate. Pure cocoa solids contain phosphorus which contributes to healthy bone tissues.
  • Polyphenol is also known as a flavonoids-a type of antioxidant is contained in cocoa solids. This helps in soaking free radicals from the body.
  • The consumption of couverture chocolate affords the body flavonoids which are helpful in improving brain functions.
  • Couverture Chocolate is beneficial in improving the flexibility of the arteries which helps to prevent stroke and blot clots.

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