History of Refrigeration and Freezers by Hoshizaki


Think what life was like before refrigeration – no fresh fruit, no ice cream, no ice cubes with tea or life without frozen foods of any type.


Over the last 150-years, refrigeration has offered us so many ways that have changed our lives. It has offered us so many ways – ways to cool and preserve foods, other substances, and our homes. Refrigeration has torn down all the barriers of climates as well as seasons and it has become an industry all its own.

Centuries before

For the centuries before, the population preserved its food and stored items like butter and milk, in cellars, underwater in lakes nearby, wells or streams. They stored food in springhouses, where cool running water from nearby streams trickled under or between shelved pans. But none of these methods could prevent spoilage, and pasteurization was not known so the bacterial invasion was rampant.

Beer and meat

Refrigeration first developed in America with the immigrants from German and their lager beer. Refrigeration enabled the breweries to make a uniform product year around. 10 years later, refrigeration was brought to the meat-packing industry in the Chicago area. With refrigeration, the curing of meat became year-round business since animals could be brought to market any time, not only in winter – the meat quality improved.


Over 60 years later the commercial and home kitchen and food service industry brought many names to the market including Hoshizaki. A wide range of products have been designed to suit any fast-paced commercial kitchen needed with superior performance and reliability.


Refrigeration & freezers have been brought into the home and every professional service needing refrigeration. With glass windows and slick exterior, Hoshizaki has also brought sushi cabinets along with refrigeration and freezers. These cabinets offer a sales display that keeps sushi perfect and at exactly the right temperature. Grocery stores now sell items that could never be sold at the neighborhood market years ago.

Without refrigerators and freezers, the world we live in would be an entirely different place. For further information, go to http://www.hoshizaki.com.au/refrigeration-&-freezers