What’s Better; Homemade Pizza or Pizza Delivery?


If you’re a home chef or someone who is trying to stay on a budget or a special diet, you might have considered making pizza at home. Whether you want to try new flavor combinations, save money or control calories or gluten content, there are many options in pizza delivery that meet your needs. A quick online search will show you restaurants that offer tasty, low-cost and nutritious pizza. When you order, you can track my pizza through handy apps that tell you whether your dinner is in the making, baking or delivery stage.

Many Pizza Combinations

For foodies and family chefs who are looking for new taste sensations, there are several to be found at your neighborhood pizzeria. Take a fresh look at the menu for seasonal favorites and specialty pizzas that include the following:

  • BBQ chicken and bacon
  • Super Hawaiian
  • Fiery buffalo chicken
  • Philly cheesesteak
  • Mediterranean veggie
  • Spinach alfredo
  • Tuscan six cheese blend

Many pizza restaurants also let you build your own version, allowing almost unlimited experimentation. Sauces like buffalo add a kick to your creation, which you can top with meats that include bacon, beef, anchovies and more. Add tomatoes, green chiles or banana peppers to standards such as onions, mushrooms and black olives. Try cheese blends such as Parmesan and Romano or Fontina, Asiago and Provolone, and if you’re dying for a burger, order a cheeseburger pizza near me.

Diet and Allergy Concerns

You don’t have to make pizza at home to control your diet or allergies. Some restaurants offer gluten-free crusts, as well as options for thin to pan pizza crusts that let you control carbs and calories. Pair a slice or two of thin-crust pizza with a side salad, and you are still well within diet restrictions. You can also reduce the amount of cheese to lower dairy fats. Thanks to responsive companies, some pizza makers also include a detailed look at the ingredients they use, listing preservatives, sodium and more. If you’re allergic to dairy, nuts or other food, you should be able to find both ingredient and processing information online.

Money and Time

In most homes, pantry and refrigerator/freezer space are at a premium. Unless you have a refrigerator/freezer with plenty of storage room to keep ingredients on hand, its much less expensive to order pizza delivery than make one yourself. Consider the cost of items such as these:

  • Vegetable toppings
  • Prepared meat toppings
  • Olive oil or tomato sauce
  • A selection of herbs and seasonings
  • Shredded cheese – about 10 oz. for a large pizza
  • Store-bought crust or dough-making ingredients

Weigh the time it takes to prepare all of the ingredients and how much your time is worth, too. When you consider that the cheapest pizza specials start around $10-$12, you can see that delivery wins the cost comparison hands-down.

Everything You Need to Know

With a little research, you can learn everything you need to know about the ingredients that go into a variety of pizza styles. You’ll even find calorie and other nutrition information on many pizza restaurant websites. For guilt-free, inexpensive and quick delivery of your favorite pizzas, use your smartphone whenever the craving hits you.