5 Alternatives to Tomato Sauce on Pizza


Pizza recipes are often created with an idea of balance in mind. When the process is completed in the right fashion, a pizza can feel much more like an experience rather than just a simple meal. When pizza I gets together in harmony with a chewy crust and the right crunch, the harmony is absolutely spectacular.

One thing that is still fairly classic about pizza is the idea of tomato sauce. Commercial pizza restaurants do have a few alternatives but if you’re going to be making pizza at home you can get even more creative with alternatives to tomato sauce. Here are some top alternatives to tomato sauce on pizza that you could consider for your next pizza night:

Chipotle Sauce

Chipotle peppers seem to be just about everywhere and a sweet-and-sour sauce that uses chipotle chilies, chopped onions, tomato, apple cider vinegar, and honey can create a strong base for any pizza. By blending together these ingredients, you can create a unique twist on classic pizza sauce.

Honey Garlic

Choosing a honey garlic barbecue sauce for a barbecue chicken pizza or a vegetable pizza can completely change the flavors on your slice. If you’re used to smoke your barbecue sauce as an alternative, honey garlic and open up flavor profiles for something unique.

Vodka Sauce

Vodka sauce and pass that goes particularly well together but introducing this creamy sauce on your pizza could be a wonderful way that you could introduce rich ingredients for your pizza in the future.

Butter Sauce

Butter sauce isn’t just for butter chicken, it also makes a fine pizza topping. Butter sauce with a view careening gradients or on its own can make for a delicious pizza topping at any event.

Teriyaki Sauce

Traditional teriyaki sauce can also lend its charms to pizza. It’s the perfect option for a seafood pizza, roasted vegetable or even traditional style pizza.

Consider any of these top alternatives to tomato sauce on pizza if you are interested in enjoying something different with your meal.

This post was written by Shan Bakrac, owner of Top Slice Pizzeria. Top Slice Pizzeria is a pizzeria in St Petersburg, Florida with over 35 years of experience, and the best ingredients on the market to make the freshest pizza! If you’re in the Downtown St. Pete area come on in, place an order for pickup or find us on Uber EATS!