Japan is truly an exceptional country. Its seamless mix of modernity and tradition gives it a timeless feeling that is hard to describe. We at Sushi Inc. will attempt to do so in today’s blog. We are proud to be the owners of one of Charlotte’s best Japanese restaurants. Japanese culture, history, and food are all a part of everything we do. Here are a few reasons to travel to Japan, in honor of this influence.

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Shrines, Castles, and Temples

The temples and shrines of Japan are worth a visit if you’re planning a trip. They are full of history and beauty. There are many amazing temples scattered throughout the country. However, Kyoto is the most well-preserved city, with nearly 2,000 temples located within its boundaries. Nara also has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thousands of deer.


Japan has some stunning landscapes and natural beauty. Japan offers many wonderful places to relax, such as in the bamboo forest or admiring the beauty of Mount Fuji. Forest bathing is also a popular Japanese practice. This activity does not involve water, but it involves spending time in the forest to reap all its natural health benefits. There are also nearly 4,000 islands that can be used as small beaches or volcanoes.


Although you can find good people all over the world, Japan seems to have received extra helping. Japanese people tend to be friendly, polite, and gracious. They are also very welcoming and willing to help others. We don’t think so. Only one way to find it.

The Weirdness

The best thing about visiting Japan is the ability to witness something new and amazing. A trip to Japan will almost guarantee you’ll see something new, from cartoon-like versions of nearly everything to toilets that speak to you.

Japanese Food

You had to have seen this coming. Our number one reason for traveling to Japan is food. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is that makes Japanese food so delicious. We can only say what we love about Japanese food. Japanese food is elegant and refined. It is also presented in a way that reveals the food’s purity and history. There are many places to get delicious Japanese food, but none compares to Japan. You can find delicious Japanese food in any hole-in-the wall, so whether you’re looking for a bowl of ramen or sushi, there are plenty to choose from. Are you ready to make a list of things to do on your next trip? Take a look at our blog about some of the most popular Japanese dishes.

Japan is a beautiful country. We hope this blog inspired you to plan your Japan vacation. We hope you find this blog helpful.

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