5 Things to Keep in Mind while Ordering Food through Careem Now


Careem Now is the food delivery app of Careem and it is launched recently. People trust Careem and they know about their service really well. There are so many things which are hard to manage for those who are working persons and food is one of those things. It is very difficult to come back to home from work and then cook food because you are tired by working whole day. In these situations, you can order food through your trust worthy Careem app and the food will be on your gate in no time. They are best among all because they are very fast and they take care of everything which is essential. There are few things which you must keep in mind while ordering food and you can order food while in UAE by using Careem coupon code attainable at coupon.ae to save some cash. The things which are must to keep in mind are given below.

Check the Reviews:

If you want to enjoy the food of good quality, then you must check the reviews of that restaurant. If the food is not of good quality so you cannot blame the app or someone else. The reviews are mostly honest and they give you an idea about the food point. If the reviews are not satisfactory or enough good, then think before you order.

Heat of Food:

When the food arrives at the destination, you should check either it’s hot or not because it is completely wasted to eat a cold meal. The food only tastes good when it is hot and freshly cooked. If the food is not hot or fresh, then you should not accept it. You can check the heat from the outer side of the package too by touching it with your hands.

Order from Reputed Restaurant:

It is highly recommended to order food from a restaurant which you have already tasted and you know about their repute. If the restaurant is reputed well, then you’ll get the food according to your desire and wish. You can order from such restaurants while living in UAE by utilizing Careem coupon code at hand coupon.ae to get an amazing discount.

Hygiene of the Food:

The hygiene level matters a lot especially when it is about food. There is no compromise on your health and cleanliness. You should see the hygiene level of the rider and the food too. The hygiene level of the food can be checked easily just by noticing the packaging of the food. If the packaging is good and food is safe inside it, then food will be hygienic.

Wash your Hands:

As you know that its corona time nowadays and it is very irresponsible not to take care of SOPs while ordering food. You should wash your hands after receiving the food because it may have some germs which can stick to your hands. You can taste some nice food by using careem coupon code available at coupon.ae to avoid the break of your bank account.