Beach Bar Etiquette In Singapore That You Should Already Know


People come to the bar to relax and unwind after a week at their jobs. Everyone wants a good time. But did you know what spoils a good night at a bar at Sentosa? Those who don’t observe proper beach bar etiquette in Singapore.

Here are the basic beach bar etiquettes that you should already know:

1. Keep off the service area.

Bars can be busy and crowded sometimes. You must stay clear of the service area, such as near the kitchen and barbacks. Not only do you block the crew from going in and out of the kitchen, but you can also bump them and send their trays and servings tumbling over. Don’t complain about the spills on your shirt if it is your fault.

2. Don’t wave your money.

Avoid waving your money, whistling, or yelling to get the server’s attention. Most patrons of an alfresco bar in Singapore deem these things rude or obnoxious. Instead, make eye contact, have a tiny wave or approach them when you need them.

3. Don’t ask for more alcohol if the bartender refuses to.

Bartenders refuse to give you more alcohol for two reasons. First, you are already drunk. They know the limits of drinkers. So, don’t be offended; your bartender is just worried about you.

The second reason is the bartender wants you out of the Sentosa beach bar. It happens to people with terrible behavior or those who disrespect bartenders and other customers.

4. Don’t hit on the bartender.

Bartenders at a Siloso beach bar are friendly and good people. They may casually talk to you, but it does not mean they are into you. Casual conversations are fine; don’t be rude and obnoxious. Remember, they can always ask the bouncers to assist you out of the bar.

5. Tip your bartenders

At least tip your bartenders on every other drink. It can be a good investment. Who knows? Maybe they return the favor by giving a free drink.

Be a responsible beach bar patron in Singapore by applying these etiquettes.

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