Benefits of Butcher Paper Roll


The name butcher paper can be a very misleading name. After all, what else is a butcher paper except for paper used by butchers to wrap freshly butchered meat in order to preserve them, right? While this was indeed the original use of butcher paper, its uses have evolved over the years.

So if a butcher paper is now more than just a paper used by butchers to preserve meat, then what exactly is a butcher paper and what are the benefits of this material? This blog looks to answer these questions.

What Exactly Is A Butcher Paper?

Here’s what butcher paper really is.

A butcher paper is a strong and heavy kraft-type paper usually coming in brown or white, originally made to wrap meat. Kraft butcher paper, which usually comes in rolls of varying sizes, are also produced in pre-cut square or rectangular sheets for improved convenience. They also come in other colors, with pink being the most popular alternative.

This type of paper is special for one major factor─the process through which this paper was fashioned. This process is what gives butcher paper its unique properties, making it beneficial for quite a variety of uses.

The Benefit of Having Butcher Paper

“So butcher paper is more than just a roll of paper owned and used by butchers for wrapping and preserving meat, fine we get it. What benefit is there to gain from keeping a butcher paper roll, though?” 

Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s the major benefit of having a butcher roll─they are extremely versatile!

Yes, you heard me, right!

This type of paper can be used for so many things, and having a single roll of butcher paper at home can be equivalent to having different other materials designed to be used for different other things wrapped up in one roll!

And what might these uses be? Well, here’s a list of some of these uses.

Uses of Butcher Paper

1.    For wrapping meat

Just as the name implies, butcher paper can be used for wrapping fresh meat, both to preserve them and to make them easier to package and more presentable. This use is, however, not limited to only meat and can be used for wrapping fish and other such seafood.

2.    For packaging food

Still, in line with packaging and preserving food, butcher paper is also used for packaging already prepared food, serving as a cheap but highly effective and stylish alternative to your regular plates. This use is most popular in fast food and BBQ joints.

3.    For use as paper bags

Owing to their property of being tough and fairly durable, butcher paper is a good choice for being used as material for creating paper bags, both home-made ones and otherwise. These paper bags are used for light shopping activities and are a cheap and trendy way to transport groceries and other such store purchases.

4.    For decoration and craft

Last but not least, butcher paper can also and is also often used for decoration. Often used for elementary school projects, butchers paper is also used by several professionals interior decorators. And while this type of paper might have originally been designed for use in the butcher’s store, it still does a beautiful job at being artistic.

So there you have it. Butcher paper is more than just butcher paper. There are a lot of benefits to having this material at home. And the best part is, the uses are only limited to your imagination!