HILITE 1 Pack Classic Chef Coat Long Sleeve – White 550WH


Selecting the right dress is important for everyone. Similarly, selecting the right dress for the chef is also of utmost importance. A beautiful uniform is the only thing which helps in differentiating between the chef and other staff in the kitchen. Though most of the restaurants provide the uniforms to their chef if your restaurant is not providing you with the uniform, get your own because it gives a sophisticated touch to your existence.

In this article, I have mentioned the important pieces of the chef’s uniform. Although there is a huge list if you can wear these basic ones, it is more than enough. Let us ponder on these pointers.

Chef coat:

Do you know, the uniform of the chef basically starts with the chef coat long sleeve or double-breasted chef. A chef can easily be distinguished on the basis of his/her coat. The ideal color of the chef’s coat is white but nowadays, it can also be in grey or black color.

Remember, the chef’s coat is a bit different from the cook’s coat. Cook’s coat is single-breasted whereas the chef coat is double-breasted. So, always choose long sleeve, a double-breasted white coat for you as your uniform.

Chef pants:

How can a chef’s uniform complete without the chef’s pants? Usually, the chef loves to wear the chef coat but the chef coat can be best paired with the chef pants. The easy-going chef pants can be picked from the online as well as offline platforms. Remember, the chef pants are available in different patterns and the pattern can be selected according to your personality.

The most popular pattern in chef pants is houndstooth but you can also choose striped pants, onyx, grey pants. Never make a mistake of buying the black pant along with the white coat because it can make your look odd.

Chef hats:

If you want to give a final touch up to the uniform of a chef, you must select the eye-catching chef hat. You can easily find the wonderful, stylish, elegant chef’s hat in the online world.