I want to learn you how to make kitfo?


I want to tell you a story. The story is about the past when I was about 12 years old. At that time, I was introduced to a food called kitfo ( How to make kitfo?).


My story about kitfo:

The school was over and I quickly put my books in my bag and ran out of class.

It was a special day. I was so excited. I would go home and visit my uncle. I had talked to my uncle by phone a week ago. He was coming back from Australia, and he was bringing something of a surprise!

I thought for myself: “Maybe he brings surf-board? This is fun! I can learn how to surf.”, “Maybe he’ll bring Australian nuts? Oh, Can I eat nuts all the day.”, “Or maybe he Brings a kangaroo? That’s not good. I have no room in my room for a kangaroo… “

Finally, I got home. My parents were there, and my uncle was there too! He was very happy to see me. We hugged each other and I jumped up and down.

I asked the Uncle, “What’s the special surprise you can bring me from Australia?”

“Well,” Uncle smiled and replied, “I have a wonderful command.”

I was upset I was expecting something else. Uncle promised to show me his surprise tomorrow. I didn’t sleep until the morning. I left the room early in the morning and saw Uncle gone to buy. He came back and cooked for us the best kitfo in the world. It really was the best surprise. Today I would like to teach you the recipe of kitfo.

Steps for preparing kitfo :

First of all, start cooking when you have enough patience. Of course, this dish is not time-consuming. Also, sprinkle the tools and raw materials on the Counter and then cook. So you don’t have to look for things while you’re working.

The tools you need for cooking are a sharp knife, frying pan, bowl, spoon, mixer, grate and the dish you want to serve the kitfo.



onions, garlic, peppers, minced meat, salt, spices, bell peppers, cheese and cream, cooked peas and aromatic herbs.

Grate the onion and garlic first. Discard extra onion juice. Chop the bell peppers and herbs. And then mix in a bowl with meat. Add some salt, spices, and pepper. Take a little rest. About 15 minutes. Add the cheese and cream in the mixer and stir for about 5 minutes. Your sauce is ready.

After a quarter pour the meat into the pan reduce heat and allow it to evaporate. Then serve in the desired dish. Pour the sauce over the meat. Put the peas alongside the plate. Kitfo is ready.

My uncle made kitfo with this recipe. It was actually delicious. I make it with the same order. Of course, without the sauce, it is delicious too. You can also add other ingredients to the recipe. Or eat it with a variety of sauces. Some people also eat kitfo with bread, but I like it without bread. I forgot to tell, you can add some lemon juice to the sauce.

Searching the internet you can find other recipes for kitfo, but I prefer this recipe more than anything else. Today, kitfo is widespread in many countries and many people like it. In most restaurants in the world is served as well. With this recipe, you can cook delicious kitfo and enjoy with your family without having to go to the restaurant.

This time I want to cook with another recipe and try different flavors. If so, I’ll tell you. Send us your feedback on Kitfo.

Enjoy your meal!