Learn to Bake Decorated Theme Cakes for Your Child’s Birthday


There are many various ways to decorate a cake and cake decorating videos can be found on YouTube and some websites on the internet. There are many decorating ideas that are currently trending for a child’s birthday. When you are decorating a child’s cake, you need to not only be creative but artistic as well. This is because children love colorful cakes. If you are planning to make a homemade birthday cake for your child’s birthday, it is not as expensive as having one made. Plus, you and your child can have fun together decorating the cake.


It doesn’t matter what birthday party theme you will be using as there is a cake to go with almost every theme. Children get a kick out of birthday cakes that reflect what they love – whether it be cheeseburgers, Sesame Street, dinosaurs or princesses.


One mother made a construction cake for her daughter because her daughter was obsessed with trucks, diggers and anything about construction. She made a chocolate cake decorated in different trucks and used Oreos for the dirt at the construction site.

Other ideas

How about a Cheeseburger Themed Party and serve cheeseburgers. You can also make a great cake that looks like a Cheeseburger. This decorated cake is so easy to do. You need two 9-inch cakes to use as buns, slices of fruit to use as the lettuce, tomatoes out of sugar cookies and a burger out of a brownie.


Your little princess with love a castle cake. This castle cake is quite easy to make – it only looks hard. You make a base that is stacked with 3 layers of cake and then tops off with a cardboard cut-out and some rolls from paper towels covered in icing to add the castle effect. Sugar cones and toothpicks will create the tower’s roof.


If you are not very good at creating a theme cake it is certain that one of your friends probably is or no someone who is creative. And don’t forget to search for videos of different themed cakes and how they were made. If you enjoy doing cake decorating you can always take a class to learn more.