Montreal’s Best Pizza Restaurant


Pizza is arguably the world’s most consumed delicacy, and the story isn’t different in the beautiful city of Montreal. Visitors and locals alike are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best Montreal pizza restaurant. More often than not, visitors, tourists, friends, and family who love pizza have one question in their minds: “where should I eat pizza in Montreal?” Well, we have the right answer to that question, and we shall tell you why you should consider visiting Ottavio, the leading pizzeria in Montreal. This pizza restaurant located at the heart of Montreal offers toppings that range from the traditional delicacies such as mushrooms and sausage to rapini, tapenade, and figs.

Eat Your Heart Out

No any other pizza restaurant in Montreal offers you a chance to enjoy authentic crust pizza, signature mussels& fries, and savory gourmet pasta like the Ottavio restaurant. The chefs and sous-chefs at Ottavio create both traditional and modern dishes using the best and freshest ingredients that are sourced from farms directly. You will feel comfortable and welcomed the moment you walk through the entrance. The serene environment complemented with the well-cushioned seats and well-arranged tables will only enhance your dining experience.

Quality Is Guaranteed

At Ottavio, the experts add work and life to food and wine creating something unique that you haven’t tested in any other Montreal pizza restaurant. The restaurant is famous in Montreal and beyond for its outstanding pizza quality and exclusive flavors that will tickle your taste buds and linger on in your subconscious mind forever. Is there any other better way to enjoy your pizza than to bring your own beer or wine? Ottavio takes pride in offering great value complemented by friendly and efficient customer service.

Don’t Want Gluten? No Problem

Ottavio restaurant caters to all types of clients. Therefore, this is the right place to be even if you are on a gluten-free diet. The restaurant will still have something unique for you even if you suffer from allergies or you are simply intolerant with some toppings. This is the primary reason why Ottavio remains the top choice for people suffering from various food allergies. The reputation of this pizzeria is irrefutable.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Toppings and Meals

The pizza experts at Ottavio seem to understand the fact that variety is the spice of life since they excel in offering their customers a perfect blend of flavour, toppings, and seasoning. Apart from your pizza and wine, you will also enjoy other authentic Italian meals such as pasta. Ottavio is always committed to presenting its customers with excellent quality food to satisfy their craving for authentic Italian food. The tempting menu offers you a wide range of options of Italian dishes and wines to choose from so that you can feel the bliss of Italian cuisine.

Ambience Is Also Spot On

Typically, the environment of a particular restaurant plays a critical role in deciding how you feel and enjoy your meal. Ottavio is always committed to offering the best environment for a truly Italian dining experience. The well-cushioned chairs, well-spaced tables, and the general restaurant layout is something that you won’t experience in any other place.