“Places to find Halal Food in Singapore”


Be it in culture and heritage or food and drinks, Singapore is rich in all! Whether you are a vegan or non-vegan, Singapore has the best food arrangements for everyone. If you are non-vegan and on the lookout for the best place to find halal food in Singapore, believe me, you don’t have to stress much since each cuisine in this food-obsessed nation has it’s an everlasting impression.

Exclusively for you, we have compiled a list of top four, the best place to find halal food in Singapore prominently having halal-certified status:

The Black Hole Group:

It is considered as the king of all halal restaurants and cafes of Singapore. The specialty that attracts all its potential customers is the experiments they continue to reinvent to cater to much-talked cuisines. Their outlets in Singapore are available with the titles as Stack, The Mad Sailors British Kitchen, Tipo Pasta Bar, Afterwit-Mexican Taqueria, Working Title-Burger Bar, The Great Mischief and The Co-op.

Poke Theory:

With the tagline of “Eat Colorfully!” Poke Theory believes in catering fresh and healthy food, having a blend of fruits and vegetables and essential nutrients. The way they décor and package the food is picture-perfect for social media. Want to explore their range? Reach out their outlets at Telok Ayer, Marina One, Somerset, Novena, Bugis and Kent Ridge.


The most popular South Korean brand is especially known for its delicious authentic army stew Budae Jjigae, which has its outlet in Singapore at Downtown East, Pasir Ris. It is the best place to find halal food in Singapore since it is its only outlet in the nation.

Fika Swedish Cafe & Restaurant:

One and all must place to visit! Whether it’s a family dine out or a corporate event or any customized party, this place is perfect for all, since it is located at 257 Beach Road which is considered as the best fit for photoshoots. It won’t be wrong to mention that it is the much-loved place by most of the Muslims.

In our busy chaotic lives, we forget to take breaks and have some time for ourselves, which should be the utmost priority still, we ignore it. So is there anything next to give a second thought? Let’s enjoy our personal space this weekend by being catered with Singapore’s best of halal food, and it would be great if you would add up your inputs in the comment section provided.