When it comes to exploring food options, people have become very open with their food choices and are completely okay with trying things that they otherwise would have frowned upon at. Although water buffalo or Asian buffalo meat was eaten alongside beef for a long time, people have continued to choose beef as their protein over and over again.

This is because sometimes people can get too used to one thing to substitute it entirely with other food.  However, for all the researches that have taken place regarding the debate of beef versus water buffalo meat, buffalo meat has consistently proven as something that is not only tasty but also something with a lot of nutritional benefits.  And best of all, you do not sacrifice the taste, as water buffalo steaks or burgers taste just as great as their beef counterparts!

While choosing water buffalo meat, it is often recommended to buy grass-fed buffalo meat produced by organic farmers. Finding this isn’t a problem in today’s world, because you can buy water buffalo meat directly from small farms on the Internet.  One of such farms is Pennsylvania’s Buffalo Valley Pastures – an Amish farm that uses organic methods to produce the best water buffalo meat, as well as beef, pork, turkeys and chicken.  They also offer water buffalo dairy, which is really hard-to-find!  You can have these and other products, such as delicious Amish chicken pies and quail eggs shipped to you anywhere in the United States.  Or you can pick them up at the farm if you are in the area!

The various Benefits of opting Buffalo Meat over Beef are:

1. Cholesterol

Buffalo meat has relatively lower cholesterol rates than beef. This is very good for your health and maintains that your food choice is good and healthy. This helps you to ensure that in the long run, it does not bother you and that it does more good than harm with its consumption.

2. Fat content

The buffalo meat has lower fat content than beef. When we bifurcate it to take about bad fat, beef has more bad fat or fat that is not good for the body. When we talk about buffalo meat, we find out that it has good fat content but refrains from having large values of bad fat content.

3. Marbling

Marbling is the white layer that coats the meat. It is made up of fat. Water buffalo is less prone to get marbled or get the layer over it. It helps in ensuring that the food you take in is as healthy as it seems. Quite often we’ve seen people eat beef claiming that it is protein and neglecting the high amounts of fat that it comes alongside. When it comes to buffalo fat, it is relatively better when it comes to protein amounts and has significantly less fat than beef.

Visit 1000ecofarms.com to find fresh naturally grown food from small family farmers and food buying clubs and cooperatives!  Whether you’re looking for water buffalo meat, true grass fed beef, real organic chicken or soy-free eggs, you can find all these products and more directly from organic farmers near you!  And if the products are not available nearby, some farmers will be happy to ship their products or deliver them directly!