Ten Facts You Just Didn’t Know About Spanish Olive Oil!


Olive oil is an essential part of the cuisine that is Spanish. This tradition spans over 3000 years, so there are some fun facts that you don’t know about this Spanish olive oil.

1. No kitchen in Spain would be whole without a bottle of olive oil. It is added to tostada during breakfast, dress up a salad during lunch or comprised in any recipe for dinnertime. This olive has been a part of the diet in Spain for thousands of years and Spain is home to some of the world’s oldest trees and the best quality olive oil produced by these trees;

2. Several of the most popular markets are in Seville where you can find the most Spanish olive oil experts who can teach us some amazing tidbits about olive oil daily;

3. Spain is the largest producer of the best quality olive oil in the entire world! Spain produces an average of about 44{b5ce6c21b8d35e18b06b15afce00261d37d23248a31df900c1450197c0c944a7} of the world’s source of olive oil every year, 2 x more than Italy and 4x as much as Greece;

4. Spain is the 2nd largest consumer of olive oil worldwide. Although Spain makes more olive oil than anyone else – Greece consumes more yearly;

5. Spanish people have to thank the Phoenicians for olive oil. They brought it to Spain over 3000-years ago so the two countries have a 3000 year to each other;

6. Romans denoted with olive oil as ‘liquid gold’. Olive oil was extremely significant to the Romans;

7. In Spain, about 24 types are regularly used in the home with each one having a delicious flavor;

8. Italian olive oil is not as Italian as you think. With all this olive oil being produced, a large bit of Spanish olive oil is distributed and bottled when received.

9. Olive trees have a life of between 300-600 years. Spain is home to many of the oldest olive trees in the world;

10. Spain is the home to about 300 million olive trees. This is roughly the same as the population of the United States.