The Easy Way To Cook Rice In Your Thermomix


Let us learn an easy way to cook thermomix rice. You might wonder about the best ways to cook white rice without turning it into mush. It would be worth mentioning here that the latest technology would enable you to retire your rice cooker to cook perfect rice every time, and it would also save you the hassle of overflowing your microwave. 

However, most people would add a similar rice every time you prepare a recipe. Let us delve into the differences between the different types of rice made available to suit your taste buds and cooking needs. Rest assured that every kind of rice has its texture, unique properties, and taste. The difference would be evident in various recipes. 

The Different Types Of Rice

Let us first delve into the various types of rice made available. A rice grain could be short grain, medium grain, or long-grain. As the name suggests, the short-grain rice would be more concise, and the long-grain rice would be lengthy. Yet another characteristic defining the difference between the two would be the cylindrical shape of the long-grain rice and the width of the short-grain rice. 

Because of starch composition, you would get fluffy and lightweight long-grain rice when cooked, and it would not stick together. Consequently, it has been deemed the perfect rice for most dishes. Medium grain rice would be tender and moist, with the propensity to stick together, and it makes the medium rice best for soups and puddings. 

How To Cook Rice In Thermomix

Thermomix would ensure that cooked rice preserves the nutrients due to steam cooking. Moreover, the size of the steaming basket of your Thermomix, there would be a limit to the quantity of rice you could cook in the bowl. 

Cooking rice in a Thermomix mixing bowl could result in a mushy mix. Therefore, when you cook rice in your Thermomix, consider adding 1000g water to the mixing bowl. Hereafter, measure white rice at approximately 350g and pour it into the steaming basket. Rinse well before positioning in the mixing bowl. Cook the rice at speed 4 for twenty minutes at hundred degrees Celsius. You could prepare nearly four cups of rice in the Thermomix with the mentioned quantity in the TM31 model. 

For less quantity of rice, consider reducing the weight of the rice to as many serves you desire. Regardless of the amount of rice you intend to cook, be it two cups or one cup, the cooking duration would be the same in the Thermomix.