What Are The Benefits Of Using Nangs And Why Should One Use It?


Nitrous oxide is a popular choice of users over any other chemical gas. Nitrous oxide gas is liquefied and compressed into small cylindrical containers called Nangs. Nitrous oxide is preferred more due to its easy dissolving property into liquids. Carbon dioxide is also soluble in certain liquids but under a specific pressure when the pressure decreases it tends to escape, whereas nitrous oxide can easily dissolve in liquids.

Nangs used in whipped cream dispensers are called whipped cream chargers; they are used as a whipping agent in whipped cream dispensers. Nangs are popularly used because of its benefits. Among the many benefits of Nangs, some benefits of Nangs are mentioned below:

Easily dissolves in liquids

Nangs are easily soluble in water; it does not need much pressure maintenance like other gases. It easily dissolves in water, cream and other liquids. The nitrous oxide gas present inside the Nang gets easily dissolved into cream making it fluffy and foamy. 

Nitrous oxide doesn’t leave a specific odour or colour

It does not have a specific odour and colour, no residue is formed when you are using a nang to whip cream. For example a carbonated drink under pressure tastes different and when you release the pressure after some time it takes different but a whipped cream will always taste the same.

Easy availability

Nangs are easily available across the world. There are many brands that sell Nangs and whipped cream chargers on online sites and deliver them at doorstep. It is super easy to get Nangs delivered in Melbourne from Mr. Cream Chargers of other cream chargers delivery services at very reasonable prices. Nangs usually last for two weeks or depending how frequently it is used.

Nangs also helps to get relief from pain

Nang is filled with pressurized liquid nitrous oxide gas. Nitrous oxide gas is also known as laughing or happy gas, it prevents oxygen from reaching the brain and has certain toxic chemicals that slows down the brain and makes you happy. Medical staff and doctors use it as a painkiller after minor surgeries. It is widely used in dentist clinics; dentists mix it with anesthesia to increase the power of it.

Why should one use Nangs?

Despite having so many benefits, Nangs are affordable and easily available. They are mainly used in restaurants, coffee shops and household kitchens. There are two main types of Nangs or whipped cream chargers – Commercial whipped cream chargers and household Nangs. The commercial Nangs are manufactured to produce on a large scale.  Nangs or cream chargers are used as a whipped agent to make fluffy whipped cream; nitrous oxide gas also makes batters crispy.

It is also used by doctors to relieve their patients from pain. Nangs are easily available in market and online stores, which makes it accessible. Nangs contain liquid nitrous oxide compressed under high pressure, thus there is some safety written by the manufacturers on the product, one should follow those safety measures to avoid fatal accidents and injuries.