3 Places to Enjoy a Sugar Free Cake in Singapore


More and more young people are becoming health conscious nowadays. The idea is that if we want to keep our bodies fit till we hit our forties, we better start keeping our health in check early on. Small changes in our diet such as choosing salad over pasta or celebrating birthdays with a sugar free cake in Singapore can come a long way.

The problem is that while we want to make sure that we are eating healthy food, some of us just do not have the time to cook nutritious meals. Most fast food chains and restaurants serve meals that contain too much sugar, salt or carbs. This led us to come up with this list of places where you can get a sugar-free cake, keto meal, or healthy snack whenever your cravings kick. Here are the top three:


A Keto restaurant is a type of food service establishment that offers a Keto diet menu or a selection of Keto dishes on their menu. A Keto restaurant in Singapore may offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert meals that are Keto compliant.

Keto is a type of diet that promotes the intake of fats and the reduction of carbohydrates and sugar in the diet. This way, the body will enter a state called ketosis wherein it uses fats for energy instead of carbs. Thus, dining in a Keto restaurant will allow you to maintain your Keto diet while ensuring that all the food you will intake is Keto-friendly.


Keto bakeries are growing in number islandwide. This type of bakeshop offers Keto bread, sugar-free cake and pastry, and other food that are Keto compliant. A Keto bakery can also be called a gluten free bakery in Singapore. It is because when preparing Keto bakes, most bakers tend to use gluten-free flour like almond and coconut flour.

You may get your birthday cake or other celebration cakes from a gluten free bakery to ensure that you will dig into a healthy yet delectable treat.


If there is no Keto restaurant or Keto Bakeshop near your house, the best place to order healthy goodies is on your smartphone. Yes, you’ve read it right, you can find food service stores that offer healthy food using your phone. Many online food ordering apps will allow you to filter restaurants based on the menu you want to browse through. Thus, simply typing ‘sugar free cake’ will let you choose from hundreds of stores and restaurants that offer such food.

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