10 Reasons why you need to try Rokah Coffee Club


Needless to say, there is no better feeling than getting a surprise delivered to your doorstep. Rokah coffee club is perfect for coffee lovers who want to discover new fantastic coffee from local coffee shops every month. The team at Rokah Coffee Club chooses their favorite coffee each month and has it delivered to your address. It’s really that simple! They pack the locally roasted coffee in a personalized box and ship it to your doorstep the first of each month. That is one of the reasons why you need to try Rokah Coffee Club.

Secondly, they explore all of the coffee shops and they taste all of the varieties the store have to offer so they definitely know the best coffee shops in Los Angeles and save you a lot of time and money!

Third, they strive to achieve great goals. Rokah coffee club is on a mission to introduce you to new and different types of coffee. They help you discover the best coffee shops in LA. This supports local coffee roasters by getting their coffee in the hands of thousands of consumers across Los Angeles that are dying to discover new, awesome coffee shops. Every month it brightens your month up as it goes on by giving you curated coffee second to none!

Fourth, only Rokah Coffee club gives you the best coffee roasters in Los Angeles, all of the other boxes use cheap coffee to make more money the coffee beans from Rokah Coffee Club are freshly roasted and delivered to your door. That means they’re sealed or protected to lock in the flavor until they reach your doorstep. They deliver a variety of coffee which lets you taste different types of coffee roasts and regions of coffee beans. This is very convenient! Once you have subscribed to Rokah Coffee Club, it is hard to imagine life without coffee delivered instantly to your doorstep every month.

Fifth, out of all the coffee subscription services I’ve tried, these guys do it the best! Not only do they know how to source really great coffee from some of the best roasters in LA, but their packaging design is top-notch. As a designer myself, I was highly impressed! The little details really matter!

Sixth, this monthly box makes a great gift. This is great for that special coffee connoisseur in your life who already all of the fancy coffee making machines and everything else!

Seventh, Rokah Coffee Club is the game changer in curating the best coffee in Los Angeles. They put premium to taste and quality.

Eighth, they feature a coffee shop of the month and it expands your coffee palate.

Ninth, they produce amazing content to go with the awesome coffee they provide you with. They find the best coffee places and go on to rate the coffee, the food, and the atmosphere and even conduct interviews. One of the best coffee shops they visited was “GoodBoyBob Coffee”. Rokah Coffee Club highly recommends this place along with the great atmosphere and extremely friendly staff.

Tenth, it really comes down to taste. You would really love trying out different types of roasts and beans in search of good coffee. Rokah lets you have that great experience finding your favorite coffee. I have been a subscriber since day one with Rokah Coffee Club and I get to enjoy all that wonderful coffee goodness delivered straight to my doorstep every month!

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